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Atlanta Dan
01-17-2011, 07:23 AM
This from Peter King's MMQB column this morning discusses why the NFL better not screw up with a lockout/strike by describing the passion of Steelers fans watching the game Saturday in Monroeville and ... Shanghai

I want the men in suits to meet Pittsburgh Phil, a 40-year-old claims adjuster from Monroeville, a few burbs east of Pittsburgh, and friend of a very good friend of mine. They watched the Steelers-Ravens game together Saturday in a bar in Monroeville, drinking Stout. In the fourth quarter, when it was anyone's game, Pittsburgh Phil, who is one superstitious guy, whipped out his cell phone and called up a photo of Steelers founder Art Rooney, The Chief, a black-and-white job of him ... he's smoking a cigar. And he began to chant to the photo. "Please Chief,'' Pittsburgh Phil said to the visage on his phone, his voice pleading. This was no joke. "Do not let us down! You built where we are! You were Pittsburgh! Your legacy endures now and forever! DO NOT LET US LOSE THIS GAME! PLEASE!''

I want the men in suits to meet Rob Bonatucci, a supplier for Bombardier Transportation, a Pittsburgh-based company that builds train cars. Bonatucci, traveling for business in China, watched the game at a Steelers bar in Shanghai, at 5:30 in the morning Sunday. "There's a bar in Shanghai called The Camel where I'd say about 125 of us watched the game,'' Bonatucci said from China. That's right: There's a Steeler bar in Shanghai. "Chinese girls dressed as cheerleaders, Terrible Towels and all these expats or people traveling on business dressed in Steeler stuff. If you're a Steeler fan, you're not missing this game. When they came back in the second half, it was just like you'd get in the states -- people jumping up and down, high-fiving, going crazy. These people live for these moments.''

I want the men in suits to know that's what they're fooling around with here.


01-17-2011, 11:37 AM
That is freaking awesome!!! A Steelers bar in Shanghai!!!