View Full Version : NFL Players Might Have to Wear Knee and Thigh Pads

01-17-2011, 07:43 PM
ESPN reports that the days of NFL players choosing whether to wear thigh and knee pads may be over after this yearís Super Bowl. Team and league sources have said that knee pads and thigh pads may become mandatory.

The competition committee plans to show owners in March that the trends of quad injuries and knee bruises show a need for mandatory pad usage. ESPN claims that there is a possibility NFL commissioner Roger Goodell might order the changes for the 2011 season without consulting the owners at all.

Pads are being stitched into the pants rather than players having to put them on and take them off separately. The NFL has already commissioned equipment-makers to produce these uniform leg pants.

Owners, general managers, and coaches are frustrated by players who take the pads off so they can be faster and then get injured and miss games. Hip pads are also in the discussion, but injury research shows the need to address knee and thigh pads first.