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01-18-2011, 06:19 AM
Part I: AFC Championship memories
By: Andrew Chiappazzi
Beaver County Times

Monday January 17, 2011 11:50 PM

Dec. 31, 1972:

Miami 21, Pittsburgh 17

This was a game marked by what happened surrounding the game rather than the events within the white lines of Three Rivers Stadium. The Steelers’ first playoff appearance in the Super Bowl era was surrounded by the Immaculate Reception the week before and Roberto Clemente’s death that night.

As for the game, Pittsburgh’s early 7-0 lead came at the cost of Terry Bradshaw. The future Hall of Fame quarterback fumbled going into the end zone, but Steelers lineman Gerry Mullins recovered for the score. Bradshaw was hurt on the play and didn’t return until later in the game. Miami tied the game later in the first quarter, using a 37-yard fake punt run by Larry Seiple to reach the 12 yard line. Larry Csonka scored a few plays later.

With Earl Morral ineffective, the Dolphins then went to former starter Bob Griese at quarterback in the second half. Griese led two touchdown drives, and while Bradshaw returned to conduct his own touchdown drive, he also threw a couple of interceptions.

“I think the biggest thing they learned all year is that they do have a hell of a potential,” Steelers coach Chuck Noll told the Times’ Sam Bechtel. “The disappointment of us not getting in the Super Bowl will help us. They realize now that they belong in the Super Bowl and they can go into pre-season next year with that attitude. We’re looking forward to next year already.”

What came next: The Dolphins capped their undefeated season with a 14-7 win over Washington in Super Bowl VII

01-18-2011, 08:03 AM
it was exceptionally warm in da Burgh that day... we sat on our porch in a T-shirt & shorts while listening to the game

I believe that seldom-used WR Al Young caught the only TD pass of his career in that game, and it may've been a one-handed grab, over the middle

as I recall, several Steeler players were suffering from flu-like symptoms that week