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01-19-2011, 08:06 PM
Ryan Clark on Redskins vs. Steelers
By Dan Steinberg

1) The Pittsburgh Steelers are still alive in the NFL playoffs.

2) A full six percent of the Pittsburgh Steelers' roster used to play for the Washington Redskins, in the persons of Shaun Suisham, Antwaan Randle El and Ryan Clark.

3) There is no greater media service to the world than interviewing ex-Redskins about the Redskins.

4) What, you want more ruminations on Alex Ovechkin's scoring slump?

And thus, here is the key moment from Ryan Clark's Tuesday appearance on TBD's Parker & Parker, when he was asked about the difference between the Redskins and the Steelers. He's probably answered this question 10 previous times, but the answer still resonates.

"I think the biggest difference is just the mentality of the area we're in," Clark said. "I think if you look at Pittsburgh, it's really just a town of hard workers, a town of blue-collar people, and they appreciate that in their team. They want to see hard work, they want to see you lay your heart on the line every week to try to win football games. And they take it probably harder than we do when we lose.

"I think in Washington you just have so much going on. You have such an organization built on putting people in the seats and finding extravagant ways to do things, instead of winning football games all the time. You know, I loved playing in Washington. It was a great place. And they just go about their business a little differently than the Pittsburgh Steelers do.

"I think right now, though, they may be on the right track. And hopefully they can get it on track, because I still have friends there. But I love being a Pittsburgh Steeler."