View Full Version : List of "Steelers" rules?

Stu Pidasso
01-20-2011, 09:36 AM
Let me set the stage:

My wife is a lifelong Browns fan (her only fault.) I keep picking away at her a ittle each game to "see the light", become a Steelers fan, like every one of our friends. She has resisted for 18 years now. But she's getting close. She's a Rehabilitation Counselor by trade, her passion is physical therapy, and helping people heal after being injured. Fast Forward: I got Merrill Hoge's book, Find a Way, where he deals with all his health issues. My wife ran out of reading material in the bathroom, so she started reading the first few pages. She finished the book in 3 days. She came out of the bathroom, and actually told me, "If I gain any more respect for the Steelers Organization and the Rooney's, I'll either puke or join up." I told her there are many rules instituted for player safelty and equality initiated by the Steelers: The Rooney Rule, Hines Ward rule, Mel Blount rule, etc. etc.. But I don't know them all or can't find a list.

Is there a list anywhere that I can show her all the contributions the Steelers have done to make the NFL the way it is? I *almost* got her on our side, I need help!!!

01-20-2011, 09:41 AM
6 of them, we can add a 7th rule shortly.

The Ward Rule was certainly not instituted by the Steelers it was the NFL to mitigate the ass whooping and indentations that the victims were leaving in the turf after Hines would light them up.

8th would be we tend to do it with class and hard work.

Mine was a Giants fan, shortly after the I do's and the priest adding in the Steelers thing for life inbetween honoring and serving(just to throw off on the vows) she bleeds black and gold.

However she doesn't get it on one point. Yelling at the TV doesn't work from her theater chair. Only the center chair has the power to direct the game, lol