View Full Version : As cold as it gets for young Mr.Sanchez!

01-21-2011, 01:22 PM
I know when it comes to weather reports, alot can change in 48 hours. But, as of right now, the weather reports for the game Sunday evening is gonna be TWICE as low as Mark Sanchez has ever played in. Reports have said that the coldest Sanchez has ever played in was 31 degrees. The high for Sunday is supposed to be at 15 to 17 degrees. And at 6:30 PM, it won't be that high. The weather in New England went off at 34 degrees. Cold ?...yes. But for those of you who live out there, you can all tell us there is a HUGE difference between 34 degrees and 15 degrees. Especially for a Pansy Boy like Sanchez.. Also, put a couple of hard, early hits on him in that type of weather, and Sanchez might just break in two :thumbsup:

So, I hope Marky-Mark wears his battery operated underwear :applaudit: