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01-21-2011, 02:25 PM
New York Jets will be black-and-blue after the Steelers beat them, Pittsburgh mayor brags
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By Matthew Lysiak In Pittsburgh and Jonathan Lemire

Gang Green will be black-and-blue when they mess with the Black-and-Gold.

That was the taunt from Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl Friday.

He declared his city's pride-and-joy would defeat the Jets in the AFC Championship game - and that the Steelers would leave their mark on the New York City skyline.

"Wouldn't it be great to see the Empire State building black and gold?" he crowed at a downtown Pittsburgh rally for the Steelers.

"How about a Terrible Towel waving from the Statue of Liberty?" added Ravenstahl, inspiring hundreds of Steelers fans to furiously wave their trademark black-and-gold dish towels.

The boisterous rally - held in frigid temperatures next to a "Terrible Tree," an evergreen covered in black and gold - was billed as a message to the loudmouth Jets and Mayor Bloomberg, who has brashly guaranteed that Gang Green was Super Bowl-bound.

"We are the champions and we are going back to the Super Bowl where we belong," Ravenstahl yelled as the crowd chanted "Let's get Seven" to mark the Steelers' pursuit of their record seventh title.

Ravenstahl, who took office five years ago at the tender age of 26, said he and Bloomberg have been negotiating a mayoral wager on the outcome of Sunday's game - but have yet to come up with terms.

"The Mayor over there seems to be dragging his feet," said Ravenstahl, which prompted a fan to shout "He knows the Steelers are going to win, that's why."

On his radio show hours earlier, Bloomberg said he and Ravenstahl would "do something cute" for the bet, perhaps similar to how the Philadelphia mayor had to don a pinstriped jersey and paint a school in New York after the Yankees beat the Phillies in the 2009 World Series.

Bloomberg predicted a win for Gang Green, but his Pittsburgh counterpart offered an even bolder prognostication for the black and gold.

"Ill make a prediction," said Ravenstahl, "The Jets won't score an offensive touchdown."

However, the young mayor did not take any measures as drastic as he did two years ago when the Steelers squared off with their rival Baltimore Ravens in the AFC title game.

In the run-up to that game, he eliminated the "Raven" in his name and was temporarily known as Luke Steelerstahl.

The loud crowd was fired up by ex-Steelers and several Pittsburgh celebrities, many of whom saved their strongest words for ex-Steeler Santonio Holmes.

"Santonio Holmes is going to wish he never came back to Pittsburgh," said local DJ Val Porter. "We are going to ground the Jets."

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At least it's not The Players saying this. Leave The Trash talking to Fans.