01-21-2011, 11:16 PM
You can't change a guy in one week, so it seems certain that Ben will continue to be his own worst enemy this week. Two big problems with the Steeler passing game is
1. Ben holds the ball too long.
2. Pass protection is shaky AT BEST.

I don't know what the stats say, but to me, Ben appears to be most effective when he rolls out or waggles. That tactic alone will solve both problems. Ben can hold the ball longer when he rolls or waggles. And chasing Ben all day will wear out big ,old defensive linemen.

If the Steelers try to use that tactic, the Jets will just blitz off the edges and use LB's to chase Ben. Which will play to Hines and Heaths advantage because the LB's won't be in coverage short.

When i watch the game on Sunday, i'll be hoping to see the Steelers set that tone from the very first play. I hope the first play called is a roll out toss to Heath, or a waggle deep out to Hines. Use it at least once on every new set of downs.
It'd be great if they use two TE's and use the WR's to run off the safetys and corners.

Sooner or later the safetys and corners will quit or slow down on the run offs, to look back to check the play, which will present an opportunity to beat a corner deep.

tony hipchest
01-21-2011, 11:24 PM
i already warned you about your CAPS LOCK attn wh0ring bullshit.