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Atlanta Dan
01-22-2011, 08:53 PM
If you click the link there are some nice graphics that go with the text for this New York Times breakdown

Jets’ Strategy Works Wonders — So Far

In their two playoff victories, the Jets flooded the secondary with defensive backs, forcing Peyton Manning and Tom Brady out of their comfort zones.

Forcing Opponents to the Ground

In the wild-card game against the Colts, the Jets’ defense forced Manning to rely more heavily on his ground game. In the divisional playoff against the Patriots, the Jets made it hard for Brady to find open receivers, resulting in five sacks.

But the Steelers' Air Attack Is Different . . .

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger stretches the field as much as any quarterback in the league. As this map of his regular-season pass attempts shows, a quarter of those attempts are for 20 or more yards and nearly 40 percent are for more than 10 yards.

. . . Than the Colts' or the Patriots'

During the regular season, Brady had few deep threats so he relied heavily on short passes of 10 or fewer yards. With injuries to many of Manning's receivers, his pass distribution was strikingly similar to that of the league average.

And the Steelers' Rushing Attack is Different Too

If the Steelers are forced out of their passing game, they may have better weapons to handle the ground game than the Colts or the Patriots did. Rashard Mendenhall averaged nearly 20 more yards a game than the top runner on the Colts or the Patriots, and Roehtlisberger is more mobile than Manning or Brady