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01-22-2011, 11:06 PM
Forecast calls for ...

According to AccuWeather, it will be 16 degrees at game time when the Steelers take on the New York Jets. With the wind chill, it will feel like 10 degrees. Previous AFC Championship game-time temperatures at Heinz Field:

Jan. 27, 2002, vs New England (L, 24-17): 50 degrees, sunny

Jan. 23, 2005, vs. New England (L, 41-27): 11 degrees, clear

Jan. 18, 2009, vs. Baltimore (W, 23-14): 26 degrees, light snow
Stay-warm tips for fans

AccuWeather's forecast predicts that today's game-time temperature will be 16 degrees with a wind chill that will make it feel like 10 degrees. Experts say that chances of getting frostbite depends on a person's age, skin dryness, circulation and overall health.

Here are some tips to keep warm:

Limit outside exposure. Take occasional breaks from the cold in a warm place, such as a bathroom.

Wear layered clothing, especially over your torso. Cover up your fingers, nose, ears and toes. Your extremities are prone to frostbite first. Wear hats, gloves and scarves.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Those drinks dehydrate you and can make you colder.

The early sign of a cold injury is pain. If the pain goes away, that could mean your cold problem is getting worse.

Stay out of the wind, which saps your body heat.

Source: Dr. Donald M. Yealy, chair of emergency medicine at UPMC

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