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tony hipchest
01-23-2011, 12:19 PM
Steelers 24- Jets 16

i think the jets flip their script. they beat the colts by not blitzing. they will try to beat the steelers by using what the saints, browns, and eagles, done to us in the past and send the house. forcing turnovers with tons of pressure on ben will be their main focus.

on offense they will come out shooting (going deep more than usual) and try to jump on us quick, then try to grind out the clock in the second half with an even mix of run and pass.

troy and heath prove to be the difference. i expect another good running game from mendenhall and with so much focus being on their cb's vs our wr's, heath finding quick open spots in the middle, and swinging out.

i think we will see more no huddle and possibly a return of that "pistol formation" (something they havent prepared for.)

who will the steelers play?

Packers 28- Bears 27

this game has the earmarks of a defensive battle with low scoring points much like the ravens-steelers series was this year, but just like our 3rd meeting, i feel the points floodgates will be opened. both defenses will be a little tight and the offenses will be more lose and ready to take control of the game.

i really have no idea who will win. i give a slight edge to green bay just because of how sharp aaron rogers has looked the past 2 seasons.

with that being said the bears should get points for homefield advantage and the HUGE advantage devin hester gives them in field position.

since my heart wants the bears to win, i am picking the packers. so far this post season i am 3-1 picking with my brain and 1-3 picking with my heart.

steeler picks have all been brain picks with a little heart sprinkled in.

Atlanta Dan
01-23-2011, 12:23 PM
The deeper you go in the playoffs the more the QB matters

My predictions are based on the assumption Cutler and Sanchez will make crucial mistakes

Steelers 20 - Jets 17

This will come down to the Steelers D needing to make a late stand - sack or pick saves the day

Packers 27 - Chicago 13

Packers get ahead early and then abuse Cutler

01-23-2011, 12:23 PM
Packers 24, Bears 17

Cutler throws two picks, the second one seals the game for Green Bay. Though honestly I'd rather Pit face the Bears in the bowl

Steelers 31, Jets 24

I'm hoping Mendenhall will have a good game, and open up the gates for Ben and the passing game, keeping Sanchez and Co. off the field. I see our D forcing a couple big turnovers, with one potentially for 6.

I think both games, though all solid defensive teams, will have a lot of big plays and 20+ scores.

01-23-2011, 12:25 PM
Steelers 27 -13 over Jets. No way Sanchez is mistake free, and no way Edwards catches everything thrown to him. That game was an aberration in many ways. Both real teams will show up today and it will be nice to see Sanchez falter like Flacco.

Packers 28-16 over Bears. I admit, I have jumped on the Rodgers bandwagon. The guy can run and scramble as well. Cutler will throw a couple of pics to the solid Packer secondary.

01-23-2011, 12:51 PM
27-21 Steelers, i think that they will get a few big plays, but in the end the steelers defense will make the biggest play.

24-21 BEARS. Although i rather have the packers advance (theyre my fav. NFC team), i think the bears know them better than anyone, and it will be extremely close as it was in the regular season.