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Foreign Alphabet
01-23-2011, 10:09 PM
Wanted to congratulate all of you on your victory today. It was what we thought it would be, a hard physical football game. You guys came out guns blazing in the first half, and we managed to get fired up and rally in the second. All in all, I think it came down to outcoaching us. From schotty not knowing how to call plays from the 1 and Rex continuing his streak of atrocious time control, all the way up to the gutsy yet great call at the end by pitt to throw it.

Secondly, all credit to you guys as a message board. Every postseason I will journey on over to the opponents board, tired of an entire season on the jets one and ready for some good football debate. The last couple years have been interesting, with polite colts fans, borderline retarded bengals fans, completely delusional chargers fans, and the nastiness you would expect from a jets pats rivalry. You guys have by far been the most well informed and enjoyable message board, and I look forward to coming back next time our teams meet.

Go represent the afc in the superbowl, you deserve it. I'm pulling for you against the pack!:hatsoff:

tony hipchest
01-23-2011, 10:22 PM
i was gonna start a props thread for all the jetfans who joined and were active participants this week at s teelersfever, but i will just add the sentiments in this one.

most were great posters, some dererve to have everyone stand them up and laugh their ass off at them, and only one got out of control who needed to be banned.

all in all, you guys were the 2nd best representative of your fanbase to our board all season.

(for some reason we were flooded with tampa bay bucs fans and they were all great ambassadors for their team).

:cheers: feel free to drop by for some general football talk or update us on your jets. good luck keeping holmes. hes a great one if he can keep his nose clean.