View Full Version : Booger-gate

01-24-2011, 12:14 PM
Did you see Sanchez wipe his booger on Mark Brunell?


Seriously, dude? I know there is something to be said
for trying to stay loose in a game, and not be too uptight
using humor as a tool.

But, really? Wiping a booger on someone else is disgusting.
Did you see how it looked like Brunell was pissed and looked
to say something like, "Grow up!"

Having seen some of Sanchez behind the scenes act on
"Hard Knocks" this summer, I knew he was kind of a
kid. But I think wiping a booger on a teammate, period,
is disgusting, not to mention during a conference championship
game. I am no prude, but that act was really gross and outlandish.

Can you feel like following a QB into battle who wipes boogers
on you? I wouldn't.

Any how - FREAKING AWESOME WIN Steelers. Being a fan
of this team is such a gosh dang dream. Thank you God, for
having Cowher leave this team. No way do we experience this
level of success if rock head was still here.

01-24-2011, 12:21 PM
We already have a thread about this. It's in the NFL section, where it belongs. Sanchez doesn't play for the Steelers.

It's actually really easy to find too. It's only the third thread down.