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01-27-2011, 08:40 AM
Where did that come from?
I really thought both defenses would stalemate the other teams running game in the AFC Championship game.
The Steelers D held up their end of the bargain and then some holding the Jets to 22 carries for 70 yards. They also dominated the first half and the Jets got most of their rushing yards in the second half when the Steelers were willing to concede some runs to bleed the clock.

The Jets D on the other hand got gashed, by a Steelers running attack that has been very average for most of the season. Mendy and Redman combined on 31 carries for 148 yards. Most of that in the first half when the Steelers still had the threat of a balanced attack. The Jets did better in the second half as they knew the Steelers would not throw the ball up big.

The Steelers 11th ranked rushing attack dominated the Jets 3rd ranked rush defense. Even though the Steelers best remaining O lineman (Pouncey) went down on the first series, they still continued to rip off big runs. It seemed like we were in 2nd and 2 all night long.

I don't want to take anything away from our O-line which played great. But both Mendy and Redman were possessed when carrying the ball. Neither of them were going down on first contact. Mendy was hitting the smallest crack and then spinning out of arm tackles for extra yardage all game. It seemed like the Jets game plan was to strip the ball instead of hit and wrap tackle. To their credit our running backs had no fumbles.

Would like to see more of this in the SB. Key to winning the game.
Green Bay's rush D was 18th this year and their yards per carry was next to last at 4.7.

01-27-2011, 01:23 PM
I think you nailed it. This is absolutely the key to winning this year's SB. Plus, this is going to open up the passing game for Ben. Time of possession is the key. If I recall correctly, our opening drive against the Jets chewed up 9 minutes worth of clock. The question is will Arians be patient enough to stay with the running game? I also want to see more passes out of the backfield to Mendy. Short passes are the key to beating this defense. We should know right?