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01-28-2011, 11:22 AM
Think about this..... What has Dom Capers struggled with over his career? What do the steelers struggle with defensively? What do the Patriots do to us in every steeler match up? What does every good QB do to the steeler defense? Why is this relevant?

Dom Capers runs an almost identical defense to the Steelers. Not only is Capers implementing the system, our very own Kevin Greene is coaching the Packers LB's. We are facing a mirror image of our own defense. Granted the different personal allow for different things...but structurally they are the same. The Pack have statistically struggled against the run, until the playoffs started. Consider the QB's the Packers have faced this season.... in their own division 6 games against the likes of Cutler, Favre / Webb, Hill/ Stanton. Then look at the rest of their schedule. Its laughable. The Packers weakness is the pass and Packer fans dont even know it.

Against average and above run defenses we struggle to run. Everyone knew the Jets really can't stop the run. The Patriots used the same game plan against the jets as we did. The out come was different because our defense is better then the Patriots' defense. Point is those thinking we will try to run the ball down the Packers throats...you are wrong. Sure we'll test them out. But it wont be our intentions to test the Packers run defense for 4 quarters.

So yea don't get too pissed off when you see Arians put the ball in Ben's hands and air it out. We will need our WR's and TE's to pick apart the Packers zones'. Only the best QBs can effectively do this. Can Ben pull it off? I have my doubts, but I think it can be done. The last time Ben really aired it out? 2009 vs the GB Packers. This game is going to be a shoot out. It will be up to the play makers on both sides to create turnovers. Both sides will be blitzing like you've never seen before. Trying to slow down Rogers by rushing 3 is not going to get it done.

The Packers edge is the fact that Rogers excels at the quick release. The steelers edge is speed. The Packers have a better O-line, the steelers have better pass rushers. The packers have better corners, the steelers have better safeties. The QBs are very different, but both very effective. I believe the steelers will win this because we have more play makers. We create more turnovers and mistakes then any team in football. We have 3 GREAT lb's, the packers have 1. Troy is a wild card that no one can consistently counter. Don't forget it was Troy that single handedly won 3 in a row for us late in the season.

Packer fans will think a shoot out will be spell our doom. It's only because they don't understand the 3-4 defense. Listen to a packer fan talk about the 3-4 and you will get a chuckle.

01-28-2011, 11:38 AM
On a personal note.... I dont know if this is the correct decision. But I am convinced Arians will air it out. Arians has ignored trends before. Against the Packers last season is a great example.

I have a hard time ignoring that 4.7 yards per carry the Packers defense gives up. All I can say is I hope Arians is right.