View Full Version : Politicians and the people

01-30-2011, 05:21 AM
Obama's new neutral stance on the Super Bowl just reminds us that politicians will say whatever they need to say.

I like Obama. It is not unique to him. How can we blame him? The average Joe is so dumb that they likely would hold it against him if he rooted against their team. Wisconsin is a swing state and he can't afford to lose votes due to retarded people.

If you doubt that people would let football factor into their vote, consider how much trouble PA gave Kerry because he wanted Swiss cheese on his cheese-steak. Really? I mean really? Some got a good laugh but when they interviewed some Joes on the street, you could see they were serious...so unAmerican to not prefer American cheese.

Consider how much trouble they gave Clinton Portis for wearing a Phillies hat. Really? He had to explain he just likes red. That was not good enough. They had to remind that the Nationals also wear red. Heaven forbid he be a traitor.

So yes...politicians are phony and they watch what they say...but it is the citizens (and media) that force that policy.