View Full Version : Inside the zone blitz: LeBeau and Capers Modernize NFL Defense

Atlanta Dan
01-31-2011, 02:57 PM
In addition to social commentary by Ms. Killion and Peter King acting as a stenographer for Lord Goodell, SI still cranks out some quality articles

FYI is a long, insightful article on LeBeau, Capers, and the zone blitz

Inside the zone blitz: LeBeau and Capers help modernize NFL defense

For fans of technical football history, Super Bowl XLV is a zone blitz summit. It matches defensive coordinators Dick LeBeau of the Steelers and Dom Capers of the Packers, the Obi-Wan and Luke of the Fire Zone. Neither of them invented the zone blitz, but it was LeBeau who brought the zone blitz into the modern NFL as coordinator of the Bengals in the early 1980s and it was Capers who joined LeBeau with the "Blitz-burgh'' Steelers of the early 90s. Together, they re-created NFL defense and crafted a blueprint that's still the most popular in the game today. Now they will face off in an X's and O's throwdown that true whiteboard geeks can appreciate.