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Atlanta Dan
02-01-2011, 11:05 AM
Nice read - hard to believe Damon Hack and Ms. Kilion write for the same publication

Chasten The Dream
A humbled Ben Roethlisberger returned from his suspension intent on proving he'd changed. He could win his third ring on Sunday in Dallas, while winning back fans remains a work in progress

A football team, at its core, is a family, and those bonds are as strong as Manila hemp. "I love him like a brother," says Pittsburgh guard Chris Kemoeatu, and you believe him when he says it. The players sweat and bleed as a flock, their individual success impossible without shared sacrifice.

During pregame stretching on Super Bowl Sunday, Roethlisberger, as he does before every game, will give expression to this creed, slapping hands with defensive end Brett Keisel, hugging defensive tackle Casey Hampton, shadowboxing with James Harrison. Roethlisberger will then take the field with a chance to lead the Steelers to their seventh Super Bowl title.

Some will see privilege run amok, others the hard work of a changed man. And many more, numbed by the endless debate about athletic redemption, will just watch a football game. :thumbsup:


02-01-2011, 11:56 AM
what ur seein is a dynasty as great or possibly better than the 70s dynasty teams.

what ur watchin is the equivilant of terry,franco and jack and joe takin the field for their 3rd superbowl win, its THAT DAMM BIG!! you are luckey enough to see it again or ur just watchin it for the first time..

it is destiny, it is history this current teams 3rd superbowl win...dont fool urselfs either this team with ben has atleast 2 more superbowls in them!!!