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Atlanta Dan
02-01-2011, 05:10 PM
Unheralded Miller is Steelers' secret weapon

This excerpt from John Clayton's linked article

Tight ends have been a problem for the Packers all season. They were a problem last year, too. Miller caught seven passes for 118 yards against the Packers last year in the Steelers' 37-36 victory in Heinz Field....

Even though the Packers field three Pro Bowlers -- Tramon Williams, Charles Woodson and Nick Collins -- in their secondary, they have been vulnerable against good tight ends for the past couple of seasons. Mike McCarthy hasn’t been able to find two decent safeties for coverage. Woodson flips between safety and corner in some schemes, and if quarterbacks are able to move him away from designed routes, the middle of the field is open for big plays.

Miller could be the big target for those types of plays. With Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey expected to miss the game with a high ankle sprain, the Steelers might be tempted to use more two- or three-tight-end sets to run the football.



02-01-2011, 06:41 PM
Yea , Miller gave `em a run for there money last year . Miller gave everbody
a run for there money last year . Miller is used as a widereciever as much as
any of the hybrid TE`s around the leauge . Statistics show he has the best hands
in the league of any TE . [ catches per times thrown too] . Where Miller really stands out though is in obvious running situations he doesn`t leave the field , and
truth be told is one of the better run blockers on the team . Just ask any of jets
if Miller can run block . The man is the total package . We run the ball so much
he really gets lost in the mix but if Miller played in Green Bay he`d lead the
league in receptions and yardage for TE`s . He not only is the most underated
TE in the league but i believe one of the most underated players period .
If Green Bay thinks they can leave there linebackers on him again
he`s going to have another field day over the middle . But if they move a safty
down that leaves one saftey deep over Mike Wallace [ which is a must ] and
now you have single coverage on Sanders and Brown and Ward .

So pick your poison Green Bay , either we pick you apart with Hines and
Miller over the middle . Or take that away and get burned deep buy the
Young Guns . Or maybe we just pound a little Mendy down your throat .
So nice having a truly balenced offence , I think our organization
has really done a wonderful job drafting and making the transition to
the new NFL . I believe if cower were still here we`d be stuck in the 90`s
still . Wonderful job introducing high flying offense to pittsburg and still
retaining the traditions of great defence , hard working , good character
people at all levels of the organzation .:applaudit: