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02-03-2011, 05:25 AM
By Catherine Donaldson-Evans Feb 1st 2011 11:17AM

Packers and Steelers fans should be careful not to get too emotionally wrapped up in whether their team wins or loses at this Sunday's Super Bowl.

A new study finds that a Super Bowl loss for a home team is associated with higher cardiac death rates in men, women and the elderly.

The research, published in the journal Clinical Cardiology, documents how stressed sports lovers get when their favorite team loses. That tension, say the authors, can turn into heart attack deaths.

"Physicians and patients should be aware that stressful games might elicit an emotional response that could trigger a cardiac event," lead author Dr. Robert A. Kloner of the Heart Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital said in a statement. "Stress reduction programs or certain medications might be appropriate in individual cases."

Kloner and his colleagues looked at cardiac-related deaths after the 1980 Los Angeles Super Bowl loss and the 1984 L.A. Super Bowl win.

They found the 1980 loss caused an increase in cardiac-related and total deaths in men and women, leading to more fatalities among older adults than younger ones. But the 1984 win had the reverse effect: Deaths dropped more often among both women and older adults.

"Total and cardiac mortality rates in Los Angeles County, Califorina, increased after the 1980 Super Bowl loss (SBL), but there was an overall reduction in total mortality after the 1984 Super Bowl win (SBW)," the authors wrote.

In men, there was a 15 percent increase in all cardiovascular deaths linked to the Super Bowl loss, and in women there was a 27 percent jump, according to the findings. Older adults had a 22 percent spike in cardiovascular deaths associated with the home team's upset.

Previous studies have found that cardiac deaths related to soccer game losses happen primarily among male fans.

Alot of us should be careful of this too. Didn't realize it until now.


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