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02-03-2011, 06:07 AM
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Polamalu showing off playful side
February 2nd, 2011

FORT WORTH, Texas --

You think you have seen it all and then Troy Polamalu, who is more polite than an altar boy, refuses to answer a question.

OK, so pleaded is more like it after the freshly minted NFL Defensive Player of the Year was asked Wednesday what makes him such a good player.

Next question, Polamalu said.

Then he answered the question as only he can.

Ive truly been part of a great system here, Polamalu said with the humility that is typical but also genuine. I think a lot of safeties would dream about the system that we have here. Ive watched a lot of safeties and Ive learned a lot from them. Im willing to bet that you could put any of those safeties here and they could be just as successful or more successful than Ive ever been.

Uh, yeah.

Polamalu has been entertaining through the first two days of media availability.

A reporter, presumably from Dallas, asked four variations of the same question -- are the Steelers, not the Cowboys, really Americas Team? -- Wednesday and Polamalu did not take the bait.

As the reporter moved along, Polamalu smiled and said, Youre digging hard, man.

That wasnt the only Polamalu sound bite that elicited laughs.

On defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, Polamalu said, Hes the architect of this defense. You dont sit there and tell Albert Einstein how to write out his equations.

And when asked if agrees with James Harrison, that the owners are going to lock out the player next month, Polamalu said, Ive got some things I can fall back on. Im looking forward to pursuing my surfing career here this offseason.

As for how that endeavor is going, Polamalu said, Not good right now. The Monongahela (River) hasnt got any swells.

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