View Full Version : Random Super Bowl Odds

02-04-2011, 01:41 AM
Super Bowl Odds:
2:1 somebody at your super bowl party ask what godaddy.com is
10000:1 the Black Eyed Peas actually play a musical instrument
7:1 Bud the oldest Budweiser clydesdale is put down at half time.
5:1 Bret Favre has a 4th quarter comeback
2:1 Jerry Jones' apathetic face is shown multiple times during the game.
3:2 - A QB with a last name that begins with the letter R will win the Super Bowl MVP.
100000:1 Lebron will still have no rings
5,500,000,000,000:1 a meteor falls on Cowboy Stadium killing everyone including the Black Eyed Peas

My personal favorite:

1:1 Packers lose, bandwagon nation is stifled. :chuckle: