View Full Version : pats, cowboys, steelers, and their T.E. picks

tony hipchest
05-05-2006, 08:53 AM
all 3 teams picked pass catching t.e.s suprising many people who thought this wasnt a need for any of their teams. just look at the coaches. coaches who are known for staying ahead of the curve. hell, the 2 new england brought in dont even weigh more than 250. theyre more like big wr. therin lies the key. just like safeties, we have seen the insurgance of t.e.s being drafted real early. every team wants a gates or gonzalez. no teams have 2 of these types players....yet.

i was listenning to bill parcels and he was saying how so many teams have been drafting specialty player nickel backs to pretty much exclusively shut down other teams 3rd wr. this trend started, to stop the rams, and has continued to try and stop teams like the colts and pats who frequently use 3 wr sets. but when you throw 2 pass catching tight ends out there you have an immediate mismatch on this nickelback.

thats what you call staying ahead of the curve, setting trends, and not following them. like we see alot more teams going to a 3-4, in the next few years we will start seeing more and more teams using 2 te sets on passing plays

05-05-2006, 09:27 AM
sounds like it will work!!