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05-06-2006, 12:14 AM
At least Steelers? fans are loyal to their cause

<L>The inaccurate headline notwithstanding, Steve Liebowitz uses his May 2 commentary (?Vanishing Pittsburgh?) to rail against the obvious and burgeoning presence of ?Burghers (or at least Steelers fans) around Baltimore.

No matter their mailing address, authentic Steelers? fans retain their original team loyalties. If that seems natural enough to most sports fans, it?s a foreign concept to Ravens? fans who first were conspicuously absent from Baltimore?s Colts games before taking claim to the stolen property of Cleveland. Thus Liebowitz confuses strength of character with complicity to thievery (?What, son? Someone stole your bike? Don?t worry. Let?s just drive around the neighborhood and see who left theirs sitting out.?).

If Liebowitz wishes to dis-invite expatriates from a blue-collar city in the Rust Belt, better to start with those Ravens.

Also, any common courtesies paid within the confines of M&T Bank Stadium overwhelmingly originate from opponents? fans. The league-wide reputation of Ravens fans for boorish behavior is only slightly less soiled than Philadelphia Eagles or Oakland Raiders fans.

As for any front-running Balti-morons adorning themselves in black and gold, let Liebowitz forgive them. Better to feel like a champ than a chump.

Go Steelers!</L>

<W>Owen Hatteras</W>