View Full Version : P-G: Seating controversy just one part of rough Super Bowl week

Atlanta Dan
02-08-2011, 07:31 AM
Long article in today's Post-Gazette detailing the experiences of several Pittburgh fans (including the chairman of Block Communications, which owns the P-G - might explain why the P-G is so interested in reporting this:chuckle:) who were among those screwed over by the NFL on Sunday because their tickets were for seats that were unavailable.

Nobody can control the weather, but the stories of screw ups coming out of Dallas this past week certainly put some dents into the reputation of the omniscient NFL - given the lack of business judgment of the NFL described in this story I could see how the CBA negotiations could go off the rails :banging:

All dressed up with nowhere to sit
Seating controversy just one part of rough Super Bowl week

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell spent most of his post-Super Bowl news conference Monday explaining why incomplete construction on several sections of temporary seats at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, kept more than 1,000 ticket holders from using their seats....

The NFL realized last week that the lack of guard rails on stairways leading to temporary seats could threaten the availability of those seats for the game, executive vice president Eric Grubman said Monday. The Arlington Fire Department declared some temporary seats unsafe before the game, forcing 1,250 fans, many of them Steelers and Packers season ticket holders, to find new places to watch. Some were led to bars below field level to watch on TV and handed letters, unsigned and without letterhead, explaining the situation. Others were given different seats in the stadium, sometimes worse than those they purchased.