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02-08-2011, 08:27 PM
Steelers cope with loss; Keisel says beard 'coming off soon'

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Published: Feb. 8, 2011 at 06:51 p.m.
Updated: Feb. 8, 2011 at 07:02 p.m.
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PITTSBURGH -- With his season over, Brett Keisel (http://www.nfl.com/players/brettkeisel/profile?id=KEI384586) is ready to scrap his scruffy style.

Steelers DE Brett Keisel will finally lose his beard after not shaving all season. (Gary A. Vasquez/National Football League)

Forget "Fear the Beard."

Much to the disappointment of the bushy growth's nearly 30,000 Facebook fans, it's time to "Shear the Beard."

"It's coming off soon," Keisel said Tuesday outside the Steelers' practice facility. "I'm not exactly sure when or how it's going to happen. But it's going to come off soon. It was a good thing. I think looking back, I wouldn't change it."

Win or lose the Super Bowl, Keisel's lumberjack look was in for a makeover.

Keisel had promised not to cut or trim the reddish-brown beard as long as the Steelers kept winning. So, Keisel can bust out the clippers this week, though his full-bodied facial hair surely would have kept him warm during a Super Bowl parade that would have been held on a frigid Tuesday had the Steelers defeated the Packers in Super Bowl XLV.

Instead, Keisel's whiskers will soon swirl down the drain like the Steelers' championship dreams.

Keisel and the Steelers had one final team meeting Tuesday, determined to put their crushing Super Bowl loss behind them. Players stuffed belongings in black trash bags and zoomed off into an uncertain offseason.

Almost 48 hours after the loss, coach Mike Tomlin met with the Steelers and told them the franchise remains committed toward winning the Lombardi Trophy.
Tomlin also addressed some various rules and restrictions that would come if owners decide to move ahead with a lockout. The Steelers, like most NFL players, are worried about what will happen with organized team activities, minicamps, health insurance and other necessities when the collective bargaining agreement expires March 3.

"Hey man, you better save some money, just in case," defensive end Nick Eason (http://www.nfl.com/players/nickeason/profile?id=EAS421290) said. "A lot of things have changed. I mean, we've been taken care of through our health insurance, and things like that, and we're going to have that no longer. So it's time to save, time to not buy cars and spend money."

Tomlin, of course, wasn't around to talk about the meeting. Same with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (http://www.nfl.com/players/benroethlisberger/profile?id=ROE750381) and safety Troy Polamalu (http://www.nfl.com/players/troypolamalu/profile?id=POL041872). The Steelers let two players -- wide receiver Antwaan Randle El (http://www.nfl.com/players/antwaanrandleel/profile?id=RAN399604) and nose tackle Chris Hoke (http://www.nfl.com/players/chrishoke/profile?id=HOK264111) -- talk to the media at the podium.

About an hour after the meeting ended, Tomlin walked out of a side door of the practice facility wearing a scarf and his AFC champions ballcap, but no coat, on a brisk day where the wind chill was below zero.

Tomlin waved before he slipped into his sport-utility vehicle and backed it up to the doors of the practice facility to load some belongings. He then tipped his cap as he drove out of the parking lot.

Inside team headquarters, the Steelers' six Super Bowl trophies stand together along the wall leading to various offices. The 31-25 loss to the Packers assured there will be no more additions to that collection this offseason.

Hoke, a free agent after 10 years with the Steelers, was a key component in their last two championships. And, of course, he expected to extend the perfect record Sunday.

"I'm glad we won the first two, because I don't how you deal with it," Hoke said. "It makes you so much happier you won the first two. It's tough to lose Super Bowls. You get there, you dream of being on top of that podium holding that trophy, passing it around, celebrating with your teammates."

Hoke hopes to return and expects to find most of his teammates back with him for the new season -- whenever that starts. Linebacker LaMarr Woodley (http://www.nfl.com/players/lamarrwoodley/profile?id=WOO324724) and cornerback Ike Taylor (http://www.nfl.com/players/iketaylor/profile?id=TAY288150) are two top free agents, and the Steelers want to re-sign both.

Under the Rooney family, the Steelers have long been fond of stability. And Art Rooney already has said not to expect many changes.

Who knows? Maybe Keisel's mangy mane might be the biggest offseason transformation.

"It was a lot of fun, and I think a lot of people had a good time with it," Keisel said. "We'll see what happens. Hopefully I can grow another one."


02-08-2011, 08:31 PM
Discovery Channel should send a film-crew, as they might find Amelia Earhart's remains

02-08-2011, 09:19 PM
Guess i'll take mine off soon also, been workin on it since around Halloween.

02-09-2011, 05:43 PM
how the hell hasnt he hacked that sucker off already, lol.

I feel scrungy after 2 days, and it drives me nuts lol

02-09-2011, 06:39 PM
NO!!! lol

02-24-2011, 10:23 PM
The Beard gets sheared.


Art Rooney III gets the first cut. :chuckle:

02-24-2011, 11:02 PM
Steelers' Brett Keisel says bye-bye to the big burly beard
Friday, February 25, 2011

Fear the ... stubble.

It doesn't have quite the same ring to it, nor does Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel feel quite the same after shedding his infamous beard in the name of charity at Diesel on the South Side last night.

"I feel naked," Keisel said. "I feel like I'm 15. It's been a long time since I had this look."

Steelers fans packed the bar to bid farewell to the beard, which by the time the team reached Super Bowl XLV had its own Facebook page and was the center attraction on media day.

Tickets were $25, with proceeds going toward the cancer treatment center at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Hospital officials did not immediately know how much money was raised.

"You see how great Pittsburgh is when people come out for an event like this, that's kind of weird yet kind of cool at the same time," Keisel said. "It was an event to remember, so I'm very proud."

Celebrity snippers included Steelers President Art Rooney II, who got the first hack, and teammates Aaron Smith, Hines Ward and Doug Legursky. After 25 minutes of the beard being sheared a chunk at a time, Keisel walked off stage and retreated to the bowels of the bar to finish the task, while the Chris Rigbee Project and Donnie Iris entertained the crowd.

Later, Keisel emerged to the sounds of "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top, no longer looking like he could have been a member of that hairy band. The mass of facial hair he started growing in June to help change the Steelers' luck was reduced to little more than a one-day growth.

"I was going to go all the way, but I needed to keep a piece of the beard with me," he said.

Keisel also made a promise: The beard will be back.

"The beard will decide when the time is right to come back," he said, "and it will all of a sudden appear."

Read more: Steelers' Brett Keisel says bye-bye to the big burly beard - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/steelers/s_724610.html#ixzz1EwZkWn9L

02-27-2011, 01:59 PM
Mine went bye-bye about 30 seconds after Aaron Rogers took the last knee....

03-23-2011, 03:37 PM
Mine went bye-bye about 30 seconds after Aaron Rogers took the last knee....

That's funny. I took mineoff at half time to try and reverse the 1st half luck. Seemed like it was working until the end. The facial hair would've helped to soak up my tears.:crying03: