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05-09-2006, 06:48 PM
This 4th of July, while you and your family celebrate the 230th Anniversary of the founding of our great nation, there?s one party you won?t be invited to...

...And that?s the party that Kofi Annan is throwing at United Nations headquarters in New York ? using your tax dollars ? for nearly fifty dictatorships, six terrorist states, governments that endorse execution based on religious faith, and a multitude of other nations from around the globe.

You see, this party isn?t to honor your freedoms -- but to conspire to take them away. That?s right. Over our 4th of July holiday, while taps is played at Arlington National Cemetery to honor Americans who have sacrificed their lives for freedom...

...These dictatorships, terrorist states and so-called ?free? nations of the world plan to meet on our home soil to finalize a U.N. treaty that would strip all citizens of all nations of their right to self-protection, and strip you of your rights under the Second Amendment.

Before one word falls from their lying lips about our country and our freedoms, I want them to hear from America?s 80 million gun owners and YOU.

Send three, ear-splitting letters of protest?your shot heard ?round the world?to the U.N. this 4th of July. Click on the link below to print your three letters on your home computer to fax or mail, or to send the link to fellow gun owners who want to fight the U.N. gun ban.

If millions of gun owners speak with one thundering voice of outrage, we?ll stop the global gun ban treaty before it destroys our firearm freedoms. Thank you for acting today.

heres the link for the letters.....http://www.stopungunban.org/pages/fireashot

05-09-2006, 07:15 PM
The US will pay about as much attention to this as they will the equally silly Kyoto protocols.

05-09-2006, 07:38 PM
"You want my gun?" ::loads and c*cks weapon:: "Come and get it!!"