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02-16-2011, 09:03 AM
One day it came to my attention how Stainland and Cincishitty were alike in so many ways. I decided to compile a list and I came up with more similarities than I thought I would. I think I have it about covered, but feel free to add if you can come up with any more!

Both teams' daddy is Paul Brown (founder).

Both teams initals are CB.

Both have been perennial losers the last two decades.

"Bungle" and "Clown" are virtually the same thing.

Both have had 5 or more coaches since 1990.

Two (head) coaches coached both teams...Forrest Gregg and Paul Brown.

Both are Ohio cities at opposite ends of the state that border polluted waterfronts.

Both hate the Steelers but both wish they were like the Steelers.

Both are the Steelers beyotches.

Both had idiot fans run out onto the field during a game. (Cin.vs GB, and Cle vs. Pitt)

Fans from both fanbases filed lawsuits against their teams owners...the Bengals for sucking and the Browns for moving.

Both have/had owners despised by their fanbase.

Each have had 2 head coaches that have won Superbowls elsewhere...Belichick(Giants/Pats), Crennell(Pats)....Lebeau(Steelers), Lewis(Ravens), but have failed with the Clowns and Bungles.

Both wear orange, and both uniforms remind us of Halloween...the Bungles orange and black, and the Clowns helmets resemble pumpkins.

Both teams rated 1 and 2 in this fan poll for having the ugliest uni's in the NFL

Neither team knows what their logo is...for the Bengals is it the tiger face, the leaping tiger, or the "B" with the tiger stripes? ...for the Browns is it the orange helmet, the "B", the stupid elf, or the dog face?

Both were expansion teams. Bengals in 1968, Clowns in 1999.

Both fan bases make stupid animal sounds..."Growl Grow" and "Woof Woof".

Fans of both teams wear bags on their head.

Each has won nearly the same amount of division titles since '70... Browns 6, Bengals 7.

Each team has nearly the same amount of playoff appearances since 1990... Browns with 2 and the Bengals with 3.

Each has beaten the other nearly the same amount of times. Bungles lead 39-36.

These teams have 2 of the most stupid gimmicks in the NFL. (cheeseheads is #3 IMO) The question "Who Dey" (gonna beat dem Bengals) got answered 12 times last season..
...and dogs have owners, and the Steelers own the Browns.... along with the 11 teams that owned them last season. Not are they always the underDOG, but only in Cleveland is it fitting they call themselves toilet water drinking, butt hole sniffing, genitalia licking dogs.

Fans of both noted for throwing objects onto the field...Cleveland and their beer bottles, Cincy and their snowballs...which prompted the Sam Wysche “you don't live in Cleveland” speech.

Neither team has won a Super Bowl.

tony hipchest
02-16-2011, 09:49 AM
good work! :hatsoff: well done! :applaudit:

i'll add one more-

it is well known by fans and teams in the rest of the league that both of these franchises suck balls.

02-16-2011, 08:22 PM
Come on guys. Go easy on the Bengals and Browns. I mean, without all their losses, we wouldn't have so many wins.

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tony hipchest
02-20-2011, 10:54 AM
:sofunny: that 2nd cartoon is great. (the bungle looks like chris collinsworth)

02-20-2011, 01:15 PM
:sofunny: that 2nd cartoon is great. (the bungle looks like chris collinsworth)

There's a lot more where that came from!:chuckle:

I posted this on the Clowns board on Fathers Day...


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cleveland :poop: cinncinatti :poop: ......:mg: yep....i see the resemblance

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This pic goes right along with reason #4 in the original post.

Bungles the Clown


08-27-2011, 01:24 AM
Now that we've gotten the simlilarities...how about the differences?

Browns play on the north side of their city; Bengals play on the south side of their city

Browns play right off of a lake; Bengals play off of a river

Cleveland is a football town, much like Pittsburgh; Cincinnati is a baseball town

A good season by Bengals fan standards is a division title and playoff berth; A good season by Browns fan standards is .500

Cleveland is a largely Democratic city; Cincinnati is a largely Republican city

Cincinnati's glory days were the days of "The Big Red Machine" in the 1970's. Cleveland's glory days were the 80's Browns, 90's Tribe, and 00's Cavs, but, unlike "The Big Red Machine", none of these teams won a title.

Cleveland is cursed to be bad; Cincinnati is just plain bad.

For their collegiate sports, Cleveland turns to OSU; Cincinnati turns to UK.

Like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati's main bank is PNC; Cleveland's is KeyBank.

I grew up 30 minutes from Cleveland; now I live closer to Cincy.

Both have accents; Cleveland has a north accent (Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit share this); Cincy has a southern accent from being so close to KY.

Cincinnati is known for producing professional baseball players (Kevin Youkilis, Ken Griffey Jr., Don Zimmer); Cleveland is known for producing professional football players (THE James Harrison, Joshua Cribbs, Jack Lambert, Lee Evans, Mike Vrabel (went to my high school, actually))

The Indians are still in a playoff hunt that the Reds are out of.

The Bengals have one the division twice since the Browns' expansion; The Browns have not won it.

Any others, please share.