View Full Version : Longtime Steelers Fan Uses Terrible Towel To Put Out Fire

02-16-2011, 07:21 PM
Longtime Steelers Fan Uses Terrible Towel To Put Out Fire
Posted: 2:55 pm EST February 16, 2011Updated: 3:21 pm EST February 16, 2011
GEISTOWN, Pa. -- Richard Tkacik of Geistown said the fire happened a few days before the Pittsburgh Steelers took on Green Bay Packers.

Fire sparked on the oxygen pump for Tkacik's oxygen tank, and he sprang into action.

After seeing smoke coming from the carpet and his recliner chair, he grabbed the Terrible Towel that sits beside him.

Tkacik put out the fire with the Terrible Towel. It could have been worse: The drapes and the tube leading to his oxygen tank could have ignited, said Tkacik.

Tkacik said he didn't know whether it was a bad omen for the Steelers or a sign that they would be "hot" during Sunday's game.

The Steelers lost, but the Terrible Towel saved his life, Tkacik said.

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02-17-2011, 11:04 AM
Isn't this a crime or a sin? He should have used the cat!