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Atlanta Dan
02-21-2011, 05:30 PM
Pretty long interview of Tomlin on P-G+ - some excerpts

Q: Do you look at cornerback as a position of need?

A: At this point in the process Iím trying to, more than anything, get a sense of what the class is about, the strengths of the class. No question weíre going to have an interest in corner but I donít know that thereís been a year that Iíve been here that I canít say that.

In other words, right corner has been a problem since 2007

Q. Can Limas Sweed still compete?

A. Ė Certainly, certainly. His competition is getting stiff. I think weíve acquired some guys since weíve acquired him that have proven that theyíre capable of playing NFL football. So from that standpoint, Iím sure itís not a comfortable situation but it is a competition.

Q. Is it now or never for him?

A. Ė I donít live in that world, man. Iím interested in the guys who are capable of helping us win.

I read that to mean Sweed should not be house hunting in Pittsburgh:wave:

Q. Are you optimistic you will have Ike Taylor next season?

A. Iím optimistic about a lot of things. Iím just an optimistic guy.

Meaning I want Ike back but it depends how much Ike wants to get paid


tony hipchest
02-21-2011, 06:08 PM
good stuff. i thought this was most revealing and insightful-

So in hindsight, you can say a lot of things in hindsight. To me thatís one of those hindsight examples of things you can point to and take it in whatever direction you want to take it.


also were these nuggets-

he wants flozell back.

a. smith wants to be back.

colon, starks, sweed (and all the injured players are healthy and a go for gamp).

he wants all 4 qb's to return and duke it out (calls it a good problem to have).

admits crezdon and lewis development was probably stunted with lack of opportunities (but that more competition for them will be good- sink or swim). credits hood with having more opportunities and seizing them.

i think the greatest thing for the development of brown and sanders last year, was tomlin being up front with them and having them compete each week for a single hat (round drafted didnt come into play). they did so well they eventually pushed randle el out.

Atlanta Dan
02-21-2011, 06:17 PM
a. smith wants to be back.

A. Smith wants to be back but he may need to take a salary chop to come back in order to free up $$ for signings such as Taylor & Colon

Ravens are cutting Willis McGahee since he is due $6 million next year - Ravens want him back but not at that price - Smith may be facing the same situation

02-22-2011, 08:27 AM
sounds like ignoring the corner position for so long is about to end....