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02-22-2011, 08:18 PM
Steelers let me down'
Super Bowl bet leads to bikini run
By Curt Nettinga Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HOT SPRINGS – Never let it be said that Brandon Hatch-Massey doesn’t honor a bet. Or that he’s not a good sport about it.

Hatch-Massey, a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who lost Super Bowl XLV to the Green Bay Packers on Feb. 6, made good on a bet with his wife Angela last Wednesday afternoon, when he donned her pink tankini and slogged through the slush from Taco Johns to Fresh Start.

“Yep, I lost the bet,” Hatch-Massey said in a phone interview following his epic run – and a bit of time to warm up. “I am a Steelers’ fan, by comparison and our bet was that the loser would have to wear the suit and run from one place to the other.”

Hatch-Massey works at Taco Johns and his wife works at Fresh Start.

“She held me to it,” he laughed, “but then I would have held her to it too!”

Taco Johns’ owner Jackie Lockwood made sure that most of the people along the route knew what was taking place, so Hatch-Massey had a small motorcade, many sporting cameras.

“The original plan called for the run to take place the next day,” he said. “Our schedules were kind of busy to go slogging through snow and cold. I’m kinda glad, because it was much warmer today!”

Although, as a sign on his back stated, “Steelers Let Me Down,” Hatch-Massey said that he will still be a Steelers supporter, and he may still make a friendly wager on a game from time to time.