View Full Version : Steelers Hotel in Jacksonsville

05-11-2006, 05:52 PM
Does anyone know where the Steelers usually stay when they go to Jacksonville? Would like to try to stay at the same hotel when we go to their game there this year :)

Thanks for any help y'all can give us!

Joanne from Charleston, SC

05-11-2006, 09:29 PM
I believe the Steelers try to stay at alot of the Hilton Hotels. They did in Buffalo, and believe when they are at Home they stay at the Hilton.

05-11-2006, 09:35 PM
Usually all the visiting teams stay at the same hotels, no matter what team it is or what weekend, in Pittsburgh it's the Omni downtown in Charlotte NC (Panthers) it is the Hilton you may want to call the Jaguars or have someone from anotther area code to find out what visiting hotel is used. I may try to and I will post it on here I live in SC so they should not bullshit me.

05-11-2006, 10:04 PM
I went on the Jaguars message board and acted like a Texan fan and he told me all the visiting teams stay at the Hyatt near the stadium, so call the Hyatt and they may be nice and give you some unofficial info.

05-12-2006, 03:58 AM
There is a huge Steelers fan club in Jacksonville, the "Worlds Greatest Steelers Fan" Actually runs it, he is known as the greatest because of a contest he won, and he is in the HOF in Canton???? Anyway I`m at work, sort of right now, when I get home I wioll look up his email address I`m sure he will know, or you can try and look up his fan club.