View Full Version : Tom Brady, et al. v. NFL, et al. - Text Of Lawsuit

Atlanta Dan
03-12-2011, 09:19 AM
For anyone interested in reading source documents rather than just reports about those documents, FYI is a link to the class action antitrust lawsuit filed last evening by current NFL players (Including Brady, Brees, and P. Manning) and one college player who plans to enter next month's draft (Texas A&M linebacker and Butkus Award winner Von Miller)


Von Miller is in the suit as a college player who will be impacted by any action by the league to cap compensation through the "entering player pool" of compensation for draft choices - IMO Miller has the most to lose - NFL teams may stay away from drafting him because he has joined the lawsuit

Lawsuit also challenges as violations of antitrust law such practices as the salary cap as well as franchise and transition tags on players

In addition, players contend in their breach of contract claims in the lawsuit that they should get paid if the lockout impacts the 2011 season or, if they are not paid, the players can declare their contracts null and void (aka Brady and Brees go back on the open market)