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05-12-2006, 12:57 PM
There are a bunch of folks like me who only get the chance once a year to catch a live Steeler game so we all have our own home game day stuff we do so here is what i do in Arkansas. Its Sunday i wake up first thought on my mind its game day!! I help the wife get the little girl ready for church then i start cooking. We have chilli steaks brats burgers all kinds of stuff depends on the mood of the cook ( me ). I go up and turn the tv on in the Steeler room ( mine is a room above a 2 car garage where i have a bar one 57 inch tv and a 24 inch tv above the bar) to watch some of the pregame shows which always make me mad. I hear the wife yell bye so I pop the first beer or mixed drink depending on mood or how bad the sports guy on tv has screwed up the pregame BS. The phone rings some of my boys say they are on the way. I start to lay out the snack food as the first of the 3 to 15 folks show up ( never know how many). I watch the clock time to take out the food its almost kick off i switch the tv over to direct tv so i can watch the sunday ticket( we dont get nothing but cowboy games here). Its time to put the #35 Dan Kreider jersey on and get in my seat as the guys ask me how i like our chances today i have to tell them to shut up for the 5th time as i get nerves all balled up then its kick off and i know we are going to win, some how then i just know

sorry just thought i would share this

05-12-2006, 01:59 PM
That's cool.
Yeah, football's a family thing at my house. In fact, there were only two times during the season when i wasn't watching it with my family 1) Jacksonville- my church's youth group was having a Steeler party on that day, and obviously, we lost. 2) Super Bowl- My friend decided to have Super Bowl party. my parents let me, because we don't know how long it'll be (hopefully again next year) until the Steelers win a Super Bowl again. But, she realized that the last time i wasn't with them, the Steelers lost, so on my way there, my mom was saying "If they're losing, we're coming back and bringing you home!" I remember when she picked me up after the game, she said that when the first quarter ended, she was real close to bringing me home.
That's my game day experience.

05-12-2006, 03:01 PM
Home Games:

For your normal 1:00 game time start I normally get up around 7:00, shower and dress. Leave the house around 7:30 and pick up two of my buddies. Head down to Heinz, meet other friends in the lot and set up the tailgate. Normally make Italian food (Italian sausage, Italian hoagie ring). Some games, burgers and dogs. Two types of beer and during the Dec/Jan games we bring a bottle of Grey Goose. We normally end up heading inside the stadium around 12:15-12:30. Watch the game. Afterwards go to dinner. Come home, watch "The Sopranos" and then I watch the late night local sports shows. Call it a night.

Away Games:

For your normal 1:00 game time start I normally get up around 10:00, shower and dress. Buddies come over around 12:00. Grill while listening to the pre-game on WDVE and eventually watch the game on the big screen while eating steaks and drinking beer. It's a beautiful thing.

This thread topic is killing me. I'm ready for this season to start up. Withdrawl sucks.

05-12-2006, 04:17 PM
I forogt to mention our playoff ritual:

It started when my mom had to take some movies back to Giant Eagle, so i decided to go with her. Anyway, on our way there, my mo goes, "Do you think we need anything for the Indy game?" so i gave a list of what i thought our family would want, so we decided to get those while we're there. Well, we get there, and the parking lot is PACKED. We go inside, get everything (we even had to wait 15 minutes until they reloaded the barrel holding the pistacios), and the lines are backed up into the aisles. I look at some random guy's watch; 1 hour to kickoff. Twenty minutes later, there's one more guy infront of us, and then that cash register is malfunctioning. We tried getting into other lines, but they were just as long as before. Then some lady over by the deli says "Hey, we can take you guys." We got back in time for the last ten minutes of the pregame show, so it was all good.

And after that win with Indy, we did that until the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Good thing it worked.

05-12-2006, 04:30 PM
I used to go with superstitions and ended up driving myself crazy during the playoffs. Stuff aint good for ya. lol.

Black@Gold Forever32
05-12-2006, 04:59 PM
Very cool stories. I love hearing this stuff. Being Steelers fans is a special thing. Its like we are one big happy Steelers loving family. My Mom and Dad were born close to Pittsburgh. I was born in Valpo. Indiana. But both of my parents installed a pride of Pittsburgh in me. I have NFL Sunday Ticket just so I can watch the Black and Gold every Sunday.

On game days my Mom and little brother who are both diehard Steelers fans as well come over to my house. Its usually just us three. But at times we have other family members over or some friends stop by. But there is a rule in my house on gameday. If you come over shut up and watch the game. We act like crazy fools during the game. Yelling and carring on like maniacs waving our Terrible Towels like crazy people. Its a great time.

Last year I took my Mom and my brother to their first Steelers game live. It was the third Steelers game for me. I attended two during the 1997 season at Three Rivers Stadium. We attended the Steelers/Colts game on Monday night last year. We only live 2 and half hours from Indy so thats we were able to go. They were just amazed on how many Steelers fans that were in Indy for the game. It was a great sight. We plan on attending a game at Heinz Field this year. So I might see one of you there. Here We Go Steelers Here WE Go.

tony hipchest
05-12-2006, 05:00 PM
I used to go with superstitions and ended up driving myself crazy during the playoffs. Stuff aint good for ya. lol. superstition is over rated. i wore a t.b. bucks john lynch jersey for the afcc game.

(if superstition dont work, try reverse psychology) and what do you know. the steelers won.

05-13-2006, 05:03 PM
Game Day while attending: Get up early and drive to Heinz and head for Dom's tailgate.

All other gamedays usually result in me sitting on my barstool, ala Norm of Cheers, at Damon's.

05-13-2006, 06:53 PM
I'm getting sick of waiting for football season. Ah i can't wait for August, for training camp!

05-15-2006, 02:01 AM
Game day ritual's down south!

Start talking smack early in the week with the guy's at work. Usually a bunch of Dallas fans!

Gameday! Get up early get all of the food ready, and get the kids(4) ready for church with the wife. All six of us pray a little extra for the Steelers, because it's a long day around the house with Dad when we lose so they say.

Come home put on any 1 of my 7 jersey's which ever one is hot, my wife and daughter(14) put on there pink Roethlisberger jersey's and finish preparing the food, while I help my son(6)get his jersey on, and my 4 year old daughter get her Steeeler cheerleading uniform on. This year we have a new Steeler fan born on 3/24 trust me he already has his gear also.Then we all scream at the t.v. for the next 3-4 hours. Pure Heaven on earth joy.

I usually make it up to Heinz twice a year and try to make 1 road trip to a away game with the guys. This year it will be 2 - Carolina, Atlanta. Probably no home games this year, with the new addition.

I have been a Steeler fan for 31 years and it is a way of life and a passion of mine second only to my faith and my family. Look forward to defending our title!!

05-16-2006, 09:32 AM
I am glad some of you shared your stories as well. Not too long now and i can roll out the smoker and get some meat ready for the first preseason game. The thing i am most ready for as me and the wifes very first trip to Pittsburgh to watch the sept 7 Miami game. This will be my 5th Steeler game and my first home game. Trying to decide which jersey to wear as well as which ball cap i am very weird about the hat and jersey sometimes i think if i dont wear the right combo i jink the team, yes i am that crazy

05-16-2006, 01:48 PM
Well,it'll change for me this year because I WILL BE ABLE TO DRINK BEER!

Back when I didn't work Sundays and had a reliable car it involved getting up about 8:00 AM and showering and getting dressed.I normally wore my black fitted Steelers hat and a t-shirt and/or jersey and driving 35-40 minutes to my church in Cleveland.After church I drove home and got back in time for some pre-game on Fox with Bradshaw.I then spent the next 3-4 hours screaming at the TV with my Grandpa in the family room at his house.

With my working Sundays I normally don't get off until 2:00 PM,so it kills the first hour of the game and pregame.At work I normally have a Steelers t-shirt on underneath my work shirt.After work I race home to watch the rest of the game with my Grandpa.

Hopefully next season I'll have a new job and won't be working Sundays anymore.I also hope to have a reliable vehicle.