View Full Version : Carson Palmer is taking his ball and going inside: Is he a bad guy?

04-01-2011, 06:37 AM
If this is T.O or 10 other players I could name they would be calling for his head.

But Carson is getting a pass.

"I have 80 million in the bank I dont need to play"
That's a T.O comment to me

But Carson doesnt want to play so it's ok

We probably would do better with Carson in there - he can be good sometimes -but he always screws up.

Carson is gonna look back at his career with some regret but I dont think it will get to him that much - he always seemed to have an attitude of "whatever"
Talented QB who gets by using 80% of his talent

No Killer Instinct
Actually he needs some of Chad's competitiveness to rub off on him
Or a shot of Tim Tebow

Guess the Bengals will be looking for a QB