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05-16-2006, 05:33 AM
Monday, May 15, 2006

By Teresa Varley

Mini-camp can be a whirlwind for the rookies, and number one draft pick Santonio Holmes got some good advice from a teammate who went through the same thing not that long ago.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, a former number one pick himself, talked to Holmes about making the adjustment."

"He's very laid back," said Holmes. "He said to take it one day at a time, to have as much fun as possible. Once you learn the offense, you'll get to play a lot faster and everything comes to you smoothly."

* * *

Ryan Clark is using mini-camp to make the switch from strong safety to free safety to earn the starting spot alongside Troy Polamalu in the secondary. Clark, who is trying to win the job vacated by Chris Hope, doesn't think the adjustment will be difficult.

"That's a name," said Clark of free safety. "I did play more in the box in Washington. The strong safety had more responsibilities, and the free safety was able to roam. We let Sean Taylor (Washington) do his thing. So, it's pretty much the same here (with Troy). Just the name has changed."

* * *

Running back Verron Haynes is going to miss having Jerome Bettis around, but he is hoping his absence will open up a bigger role for him.

"I consider myself an every-down back," said Haynes. "That is kind of one of the stigmas that have been on me because that's been a role that I have excelled at so far. With a broader workload, I can show I am capable of doing other things well."

* * *

The weather briefly interrupted practice on Sunday afternoon. Skies darkened and lightening could be seen, so players were sent back into the locker room for about five to 10 minutes. They were back out on the field fast, though, practicing through rain showers before they passed over.

* * *

The Steelers will visit the White House on June 2, but wide receiver Hines Ward will get a sneak peak when he goes to Washington on May 24.

Ward plans to meet with President George Bush and officials from the United States and South Korea regarding his Helping Hands Foundation and to seek support. Ward plans on launching the Foundation when he travels to South Korea Memorial Day weekend.

"I'm meeting with some of the people in Washington, D.C.," Ward said. "It's going to be awesome."

* * *

Defensive tackle Casey Hampton has already had the opportunity to meet the President. Hampton worked out with the President when he was at the University of Texas and Bush the governor.

"I haven't talked to him a lot since -- he wasn't the president then," said Hampton. "It's a little harder to see him."

It still impresses his teammates, though.

"He actually calls Casey 'Big Hamp.' That trips me out," said linebacker Joey Porter, of the President's name for Hampton. "Like, he knows the president. How do you get to know the president? It's crazy.

"I'll try to get on that level with him, like, 'Peezy, what's happening?' So if I get to the point where the president is calling me Peezy, it will be a good situation."

05-16-2006, 08:51 AM
peezy? Hell I wouldn`t call him peezy! LOL