View Full Version : Benefits of Drafting Derek Sherrod

04-22-2011, 03:52 AM
Seeing Derek Sherrod slip down into the 20's of many mock drafts has got me thinking about the benefits of Drafting Derek Sherrod if he is available or within trading reach. Let's assume he is a very good player first and foremost.

#1 You have your starting Right Tackle Next Year and future Left Tackle
#2 You don't need Flozell to return or Willie Colon (savings of at least 8 million)
#3 Ike Taylor benefits from this money savings with his new contract.

Believe me I wanted DBs badly in this draft high but I don't know if the value is there in the first round. Maybe Ras I Dowling or Curtis Brown falls in the 2nd.

If Sherrod or another Tackle the Steelers like more is there I think they will move even to trade up for them. Any others rooting for a hopeful Pro Bowl Tackle pick?

Future Left Tackles are hard to come by drafting late but with the glut of defensive players rated so high and so many teams trying to fill needs for their new defenses it could be one is there for us.

04-22-2011, 06:24 AM
While I see a plethora of teams wanting to move up and trade w/ Seattle at 25, if one of the top 5 OL drop to 25, I could definitely see the Steelers attempting to move up there, especially one pick ahead of the Ravens, because they need OL as well.