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04-22-2011, 07:25 PM
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Ed: Drafting a Punter a Waste
Friday, 22 April 2011 08:16
Written by Ed Bouchette

Good morning,

I’m going to choose a handful of prospects the Steelers might draft in the first round so you can vote on them. Don’t tell me which one YOU want to draft, tell me which you think the Steelers will draft.

Here are the candidates: OT Derek Sherrod, CB Aaron Williams, DE Cameron Heyward, OG Danny Watkins, CB Brandon Harris. Or “other.’’

Send them to me and I will tally.

Onto some other stuff:

YOU: Hi Ed The following is how I see the Steeelers drafting
give me your advice on this.
1. Williams CB tex
\ 2. Gilbert OT Fla
3. R Dowling CB Va
4. Taylor DT Baylor
5. Hurt G Fla
6. Royster RB Peen St
7. Donhue P Iowa

The only one who might not be there is Taylor from what
I read. Chuck Hartnett Steeler fan lost in Ga

ME: If you think the Steelers will get a crack at Dowling in the third round and Taylor in the fourth, I want to know what you’re smoking. Those two are potential first-round picks and will be snapped up in the second round if not. Gilbert also will be gone long before the Steelers pick at the end of the second round. And you are drafting a punter? Really? A punter?

--- Which leads me to a point, even if a belabored one by me through the years. Who were the Steelers punters in their last three Super Bowls? They were Chris Gardocki, Mitch Berger and Jeremy Kapinos. Further proof that you don’t need a great punter, or even a good one, to be successful. Find a competent guy who can get the punt off quick enough that it won’t get blocked, someone who can hold for placekicks and someone who will be consistent with his punts. They don’t have to draw all the oohs and ahhs from the crowd as they boom up into the air.

The difference between a great punter and a good one is about five yards. They punt about four times a game. That’s 20 yards or a couple of holding penalties. Drafting Daniel Sepulveda on the fourth round in 2007 was folly. I said it then and I’ve said it consistently. They threw away two draft picks – a sixth and a fourth in order to move higher in the fourth round to take him. It didn’t stop some colleagues from turning to me on the rare occasions that he would boom one and say, “What do you think now, Ed?’’ I think the same. Folly.

He’s a fine fellow and when he’s healthy, he’s done a decent job. But he’s never healthy and decent does not give them the production to account for using two draft picks to get him. Ike Taylor was a fourth-round pick.

--- Having said that, I could see them using a draft pick on a kicker. A LOW draft pick, please. And if you’re going to get a kicker, find one who can also put the kickoff into the end zone.

--- Ed, what's your take on this report that a group of mid range players may hire their own attorneys to represent their interests. Thats all we need is more attorneys in this mess! Any in Steelers the group?

Also, I keep hearing reports that the Steelers need to look at a RB because they have nothing behind Mendenhall. Is the support we see on PG+ for Redzone simply the voice of homers or is he a well kept secret on the verge of a breakout year? Assuming he gets a chance to play)

ME: I haven’t given the former much thought. There will be more time for me to think about the labor situation after the draft. It would not surprise me if they drafted a running back somewhere but not high. They like Isaac Redman and they seem to think Jonathan Dwyer will help them. But Mewelde Moore is a free agent and they probably are looking to replace him.

--- YOU: I'm not sure if I have the Free Agents right, but after the lockout, is Aaron Smith a FA? If he were I could see adding another 3-4 DE. Even if he isn't, what does he have left, maybe a year? Adding another DE, you would hope we get lucky & that player develops in 2 or 3 years, when possibly B.Keisel will be winding down.
It makes sense, & if it's the best player value there, I guess you take him. I get it, but a lot of people are gonna be going nuts if we don't Draft a CB or OT. I would continue to remind everyone, that K.Colbert hasn't missed w/ a 1rst Round pick, ever. He's 11 for 11.

--- Still haven’t heard back from anyone about your troubles with our comments section. I will let you know when/if I do.

--- If you want some different treats while you wait for the draft go to www.draftmetrics.com.