View Full Version : Cam Newton #1 to the Panthers and my thoughts on the QB's #1

04-29-2011, 01:08 AM
If that Stanford Kid had came out he was by far the best QB prospect but he didn't so here it goes......

Cam Newton has got to produce - I think he has his head on right and he is focused - If he fails it will not be because he lacked in effort

His Dad was trying to cash in and I don't blame him - How much did Auburn receive for the National Championship?
How many #2 Jerseys did Auburn Sell?

all this hate he has put up with was unjustified as he LED 2 different teams to national championships in 2 years

What did Gabbert Do?
What did Locker Do?

Locker I think can be a great one kind of like Jim Kelly was but more mobile he seems like a good guy

Gabbert just looks like a rich kid - like Carson Palmer - really not sold on him - Wonder how Garrard feels - maybe they will sit him like they did Aaron Rodgers.

Ryan Mallet = Ryan Leaf
After seeing that Jon Gruden piece on him - it's clear he has attitude issues.

Andy Dalton = serviceable backup maybe a better version of Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson who used to play for Tampa Bay

Colin Kapernick = Find another position

Tyrod Taylor = Find another position