Ohio Steeler
05-22-2006, 04:02 AM
Story (http://www.sportsgoons.com/volume3/Vol3_Iss15/index3_15.html)

Days after Kellen Winslow was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, a review of the Wonderlic IQ exam given to the Cleveland Brown?s tight end at the 2004 NFL Draft Combine revealed that he glossed over a question that foretold his accident. Question # 13 on the test, which is used to quantify a prospect?s intelligence, read: ?If a 6-foot, 4-inch, 240-pound man recklessly driving a motorcycle at 35 miles per hour without a helmet in a parking lot strikes a curb and is launched 16 feet in the air, how many millions of dollars will he piss away?? Winslow?s half-ass response, barely discernable due to his poor penmanship, read simply: ?It doesn?t matter. I?m rich, bitch!?

He also peppered his answer sheet with other immature and inappropriate responses such as ?pee-pee,? ?doo-doo? and ?Wu Tang Klan ain?t nothing to **** with!? on his way to scoring a record low 12 on the exam, which, according to one NFL scout, qualifies as ?borderline retarded.? Though fans are lamenting his misfortune, others have blamed Winslow, Jr.?s two-year string of hard luck on bad karma. ?This is a guy who gave himself the nickname ?The Chosen One? and called himself a ?soldier? while young men were dying in Iraq. He was totally due,? explains Brianna Smith, Professor of Karmic Studies at West Virginia Wesleyan. Smith estimates it?s a matter of three to four months before Terrell Owens gets shot outside a nightclub.