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05-26-2006, 03:09 PM
okay guys, I know that there is a list out there that's called "How Football's Reletive to Church" That list and school inspired me to come up with this list:

QUARTERBACK SNEAK- Students pretend to be sick so they can miss the last five minutes of class

RED FLAG- Students challenge the test answers

FLAG- ISS or Time out

SUDDEN DEATH- What happens to the attention span of the class in the middle of the third speech on oral presentation day.

TRAP- The teacher calls on you and you are asleep

HALFTIME- The twenty minute period into class. This is when the attention span of some of the students shuts off.

TOUCHDOWN- Getting a tough answer right

INSTANT REPLAY- the teacher messes up their overhead/notes/cheat sheet and falls on yesterday's lesson plan

OVERTIME- when the teacher makes the class stay put after the bell rang

FUMBLE- Bookdrop

INTERCEPTION- You answer wrong, and the guy who answers after you gets it right

DRAW PLAY- What you'll find in the notebook of very bored students

BENCHWARMER- Those who you never hear in class

BACKFEILD-IN-MOTION- the trip to the pencil sharpener

HALFBACK OPTION- The descion of 50% of the class not doing the homework and/or extra credit

TWO-MINUTE WARNING- When people realize class is almost over, pack up their things, and sit with their friends until the bell rings

BLITZ- the rush to get out of the classroom when the bell rings

If you're able to come up with anything else, feel free to add.

05-26-2006, 07:12 PM
FIELD GOAL-For accomplishing a goal for school

SAFETY-What the building tries to provide to the environment.

05-28-2006, 10:18 AM
SAFETY-What the building tries to provide to the environment.

We have these walls at our school that they call anti-fight walls. They are rough, and I have actually cut myself on them. So the anti-fight walls pretty much encourage fighting. :toofunny: