View Full Version : Steeler's Highlight Film on KDKA Thursday

08-30-2011, 08:03 AM
For fans that like the annual Steeler's Highlight Film it will air on KDKA this Thursday at 7pm before the pre-game show. I had a chance to see it early on ESPN2 this past Friday night and it should get the blood and adrenaline flowing for this upcoming season.

I usually get pumped for these highlight films even when the Steelers have bad years. There is something about the music and the editing. This one is really good and highlights some of the best of last season, including some great sound from the sideline including Tomlin giving it to Pouncey early in the season about starting a fight. You see that Tomlin will be hard on his guys when he has to. Also Ben's broken nose if pushed back in place and the team doctor says "It looks better now." Good stuff.

Super Bowl loss non withstanding you will be up after watching this short film.