View Full Version : Did the Steelers Drink the "Baltimore Breeze" Kool Aid?

tony hipchest
09-14-2011, 10:33 AM
excellent blog/article-

Bill Cowher was almost as famous for his clichés as he was his chin. An apt one in the wake of the debacle in Baltimore is:

“Never spend too much time reading your own press clippings.”

Cowher should know. Over confidence was his teams’ Achilles heel during the ‘90’s.

Although “trap games” bedeviled Mike Tomlin in ’07 and ’09, I don’t know if strictly speaking, over confidence was an issue.

That may have been part of the equation leading to the total breakdown in Baltimore.

First, consider the narrative leading into the game:

•The Ravens couldn’t beat Roethlisberger
•Flacco couldn’t beat the Steelers
•The lockout = minimal roster turnover good
•Ravens had lots of roster turnover (think bad)
•Ravens had serious upheaval on their offensive line
•Ravens so desperate that they had to pull left tackle Bryant McKinnie off of the scrap heap
The Watch Tower feels confident in pronouncing that none of this, not an iota, made its way into Mike Tomlin’s consciousness.
IF there is an NFL coach who cares less about what the opinions, interpretations, and pronouncements of the media than Mike Tomlin I don’t know who that person is.

But Tomlin is only one employee. Consider that:

•He's got 12 coaches on his staff
•The Steelers 2010 Media Guide lists bios for 22 other scouts, assistants and other front office personnel
•53 players plus 8 practice squad players
•The same Media Guide also devotes two compelte pages of small print listing other team employees
Did any of them imbibe on the breeze through Baltimore Kool Aid inspite of the best wishes and intentions of their head coach?

Social Media and Pro Football Press Coverage

A mere ten years ago an objective observer from outside the organization could only say “You know, you raise a legitimate question, but there’s no real answer to that question, only speculation. Thanks for playing.”

Today in 2011, by virtue of social media, things are a little different.

For starters, the Pittsburgh media bought into this story line hook line and sinker. Some in the Steelers Press Corps stopped just short of openly deriding Baltimore’s personnel moves and subsequent situation.

read more here- http://steelcurtainrising.blogspot.com/2011/09/did-steelers-drink-baltimore-breeze.html

not only did the media buy into the story hook line and sinker, but many fans did as well.