View Full Version : NFL ratings through the roof

tony hipchest
09-14-2011, 11:06 AM
so much for all the lockout talk and people giving up football for good.


After record NFL TV ratings last year, breaking even on NFL ratings this season would be a big deal. And that happened Sunday.

Fox's late-afternoon time slot, featuring Giants-Redskins, drew a 17.1 overnight rating, which translates to 17.1% of households in the 56 urban TV markets measured for overnights. That's even with last year's comparable coverage.

NBC's Cowboys-Jets game Sunday night drew a 16.9%, the weekend's second-highest NFL rating -- up 3% from last year's opening Sunday night. And CBS' Sunday game coverage, featuring Pittsburgh-Baltimore, drew 10.6% -- even with last year.

all in all, more people watched football on sunday than at any other point.

the thursday night opener had 60 million viewers which made it the highest rated regular season game ever.

the sunday night game was the highest rated ever.

cha ching!

who knew the owners would be eventually rewarded so greatly for their lockout masterplan.

if the thought werent so absurd, i'd almost say it was a brilliant marketing strategy.