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09-15-2011, 09:47 AM
Here are two quick realizations as my denial and then acceptance of the last game progressed this week.
McFadden still has a lingering hamstring injury. Enough that he was limited in practice this week. This could mean a couple of things and may give some explanation to how poorly he played last Sunday (though that's a poor excuse). McFadden still starting, despite this injury, speaks to the lack of faith in the other cornerbacks, a bad thing. Or, this could give way to Lewis practicing with the first squad and make way for him to be more involved in the game, a good thing.

Secondly, here's a possible positive to be taken away from the Baltimore game. Let me start by saying that the Nevermores looked to employ much of the same "passing" strategies that NE employs. This is especially true in the double TE packages they feilded and were quite successful in doing. Addding Ray Rice taking some short dumps early in the game, before it got out of hand, though typical, adds to the typcial NE spread offense. We now have seen what this type of offense looks like and we should be ready. This does not include the disaster of a run defense.
For my money, I consider Heath Miller to be clearly better than any of the tight ends on either squad.:coffee:

09-15-2011, 11:43 AM
Well we all know #20 and #22 have continued on with their 5 to 10 yard cushions and wait for the guy to catch the ball before you run after him technique which half of the time is a missed tackle that results in an extra 15 to 20 yards.

I think at this point, Tomlin and co. are hoping this was a fluke game but have some starters on notice that another performance like that and they'll be pulled - I don't see us putting up with it again. The problem is that we are very capable of beating the Seahawks and Colts WITH our glaring mistakes in the secondary because they have virtually zero offense. However - I'm semi-afraid about the looming Texans game because I think until then the next couple games are fool's gold that I won't believe in or be satisfied with.

Something has to be corrected for that game, the Pats and the rematch with Ravens - status quo will no longer get it done against the top tier teams with any sort of quick strike passing attack.

Same can be said with O-line and D-line. I'm crossing my fingers that Pouncey and Gilbert's playing time together at Florida will equate to some additional chemistry for our O-line and maybe, just MAYBE - the coaches will remember that Ziggy was really starting to come into his own last season in place of Smith. And oh yea, that Heyward fella can be a beast - but has to be thrown into the fire to grow more than anything (this wait and learn thing only works about half way - then they have to go out there and apply the knowledge in game time speed and scenarios) IMHO

09-15-2011, 12:50 PM
NO,,,We play Vets,,,Ziggy and Heywood will understand our defense in year 5 ...

09-15-2011, 01:10 PM
haha very true - I just wish we would start taking a little more chances on some young guys on defense - I feel like we are doing this on offense (out of necessity at the very least) so why not take some more risks on defense?

My god - the Ravens game would have been a perfect opportunity to get some young guns playing time against starters. When they went up even more after 2 pt I would have pulled my guys butts and see where I stand behind them.