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3 to be 4
06-05-2006, 10:29 PM
17, party at the lake. very drunk. Sue Johnson. the fat girl thats in every crowd.

thought it would be a
good idea to fool around.

i woke up with a "Pig in the Blanket"

she says to me. "If you werent so drunk last night we could have made love. I says "thank God for alcohol!"

thats just one of a string of unfortunate moments from "The Drinking Years:1979-1988"

Livinginthe past
06-06-2006, 05:04 AM
I will play your game.

The setting :Tenerife, spanish party Island that 100's of horny teens/early 20's head to during summer.

I was very much the worse for wear, my friend had met his future wife (we werent to know this at the time, of course) - I got talking to some girl who was possibly more drunk than me - I wasn't fussy.

Ended up down on the beach, her friend at had disappeared off with some other 'lucky' guy, we were just getting down to it when she demanded I used 'protection' - so I pulled my trousers back up and ran back up to the closest bar, into the bathroom to look for a vending machine - found one - and returned to the scene of the crime.

Only when I got back- I realised I had somehow gone to the wrong machine and ended up with some kind of toy (kinderegg type thing) rather than an actual condom.

To my eternal shame I didn't let this stop me going right ahead with plan A.

I got all the tests when I came home, and luckily I was clear.

To top things off for the lucky girl in question - she had her handbag stolen whilst I had my wicked way with her.

That was a real wake up call - and I told myself I would never do anything so crazy again...there was no way i was ever going to let a girls handbag out of sight ever again!