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05-19-2005, 10:52 AM
What's your most memorable moment being a Steeler fan? It can be a particular game, or anything else...
Well I have 2...
1) At the Steelers vs Bengals a few years back, I ended up meeting ARE's family. I talked to his Mom a lot and finally convinced her to take me down to where the busses where leaving from and I got to meet him, Bettis, Burress, and Porter. It was awesome...and when I met ARE, he actually picked me up and spun me around. I was so excited...it was a blast.
2) One of my fave games was against Baltimore in 2001 (at Baltimore) There was Ray Lewis on National Television saying "They want to see who the #1 D is...we're going to show them" Well we saw the #1 D that game and they were wearing the black and gold! That was also the game Tony Saragusa was telling his fans to follow our fans in the bathroom and take care of business while they did on the field. I don't know why...but that is one of my favorite games...I have it on tape and watch it all the time still to this day!!!

05-19-2005, 12:49 PM
Never been to a game,so it has to be from TV.

1.The Browns first game back.I have it on video somewhere.

2.I think it was a Thanksgiving day game,but we were playing the Lions (if I remember right) it went into overtime and the coin flip was called tails by Bettis (I think) but the red thought he said heads and gave the ball to the Lions,who proceeded to win the game with a FG.Ever since that game I have been agaisnt sudden-death OT in football.

05-19-2005, 01:28 PM
Yah, the Thanksgiving Day Coin Flip...worst call ever (how can you mess a coin flip???)

05-19-2005, 01:37 PM
My most memorable Steeler moment would have to be in the Superbowl vs. the Cowboys. I think it was at the start of the second half, Bill Cowher called an onside-kick, Deon Figures recovered it easily. I never saw that coming, and it really shifted momentum to our side. It was a great call.

05-19-2005, 10:40 PM
Yah, the Thanksgiving Day Coin Flip...worst call ever (how can you mess a coin flip???)

Zebras...they suck.

06-04-2005, 02:57 PM
My first moment 1989 Season when they lost their first 2 game but still pulled it together and made the playoffs.The second was 2002 game against Cleveland in the playoffs the reason I remember that is my niece,s teacher was a Cleveland fan and I rubbed it in when I went to get her at school

06-05-2005, 08:02 AM
Twice a year when we smoke Clev

06-06-2005, 07:09 AM
I am in on that one also.... :sign03:

06-07-2005, 05:51 PM
My most memorable Steelers moment is: Steelers huge win over the Carolina Panthers. in Feb, 2006. At Detroit, as I get a tear in my eye, raise my Rolling Rock in one hand as Coach Cowher hoists the Lombardi trophy over his head. Then I go get my bag packed for Pittsburgh, there is NO way in Hell that I will miss that Parade after our victory , hope to see you all there, SF in full force.

06-07-2005, 07:02 PM
Yes, that will be a great day :sign08: I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!

06-08-2005, 12:59 AM
My first trip to 3 rivers...was a couple grades under my sister's class but got to join their field trip anyways(can't remember why). We took the gateway clipper over to the stadium and it was one of those early mornings you see on NFL films with the mist everywhere. Then you come around the point and see the stadium and being under 10 at this point, it really is larger than life. Then I can't remember much but the next memory is we were getting a backstage tour of some sort and the lower hallways were so dark, but then we get led out onto the field through the access way by the endzone and its like the Wizard of Oz when it switched to color. We come out onto the field and while it was empty and there were no players or victorious outcome. Just a group of kids surrounded by the silence of memories when 50,000 plus stuffed it to thunderous capapcity. This defined Steeler football for me. Just knowing that you were in a special place come gamedays. Guess thats why I can get over those AFCC losses. I know we are one of only 32 cities who can experience that feeling on gamedays.

06-15-2005, 11:37 AM
let see, my first trip to three rivers to see the steelers whip up on the brownies. remeber the streak were the browns had never won at three rivers, i saw the last win before the streak was broken..i think i was about eight years old or something. another moment etchted into my memory, was neil throwing the ball late and short to barry foster in the endzone; another cowher failure in the playoffs - i was convinced that we would just kill san diego - but unfortunately i have learned to expect the playoff failures - as a kid growing up and hearing my dad tell stories of the great steeler teams of the 70s i thought the playoffs and championships were our destiny, well that was before cowher

06-15-2005, 02:01 PM
Yes, that will be a great day :sign08: I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!

I'm going too!Even if I have to call off of work to do it,I am going.


:sign08: :sign01:

06-15-2005, 03:49 PM
One big game for me was when my wifes sis was a Atlanta cheerleader and she got us field press passes for the Falcons Steelers game. It was preseason but it was my first NFL indoor game, and Vicks first game ever.

06-16-2005, 02:56 PM
You are all forgetting one of the greatest ever....

Super Bowl X vs. Dallas. Steelers K Roy Gerela attempts a easy FG. He misses and Dallas S Cliff Harris taunts Gerela by patting him on the helmet saying great job. Jack Lambert sees this and throws Harris to the turf. Now that was awesome....I spent many days in my backyard as a kid pretending I was Lambert....Sometime I was, but other times I was Harris.