View Full Version : a priest walks through the park...

tony hipchest
06-06-2006, 10:44 PM
...on a beautiful summer day and spots an adorable little girl playing under an apple tree with her doggy. inspired by the wonderful scene full of the beauties of life he approaches the girl and strikes up a conversation.

"what a pretty little girl you are" he says. "whats your name?"
"blossom" she responds
"what a beautiful name for such a beautiful young girl. how did you ever come about that name?"

"well", she replied "when i was in my mommys tummy, she was sitting below this very tree, reading a book of baby names, when a flower fell from the tree and landed on her belly. she thought it was a sign from God and decided to name me blossom."

the priest was touched by such a wonderful story and then asked the little girl
"and that is such a cute puppy you got there, what is his name?"

"porky" she replied

"porky" he thought (visibly stunned) "how ever did did he get a name like that?"

and the little girl replied "because he likes to f#ck pigs"

06-06-2006, 11:33 PM
Yet another outtake from Bill Cosby's "Kids say the Darndest Things." :sofunny: