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tony hipchest
10-02-2011, 11:41 PM
wallace- enough of the taunting penalties. you have drawn enough attention to yourself and the 2000 yd mark for the season is probably out of reach. your quest to be the 1st wr with 8 straight 100 yd games is now over. no matter how high you set your goals, bill belichick and tom brady will ensure you are 1 step behind wes welker. its time to shelf personal goals.

sanders- so much promise seems to be dragged down with an injury. last year, you and fellow rookie battled for a helmet on sundays. this year you both got helmets but it only seems to be brown getting the ball. catch the wide open, big catch or steelerfans will call for your head like they did sweed. tag a player down after an interception, or steelerfans will be just as glad to see you leave town as they were with plaxico.

brown- quit running the wrong routes. ben nodded at you to let you know he was coming right back at you and the post route in the corner was wide open when ben missed. i chalk this up to a simple lack of chemistry. you had a great 2nd half, but still need to learn to read a defense and recognize to run hot when ben is blitzed. 2 mental errors in a half are 2 too many at this level. the refs will gladly signal when there is a 1st down. we dont need you to do it.

saunders and d. johnson- quit stealing receiving options from our 7 million dollar / year tight end. i know this isnt your fault and not a mistake of your doing. it is more of a mistake of the coaching staff. if miller is gonna still be used as a 40-50 rec/year blocking TE, he should probably be paid like one, and in the meantime, the youngsters should catch everything thrown their way.

its no suprize ben calls miller and ward his security blankets. its a shame they are utilized more in the running game and providing ben with actual physical security, as opposed to showcasing receiving skills.

10-03-2011, 05:17 AM
I should go back and dig up all the posts about our receivers being among the best in the league...

I replied the talent is there, just to early to tell...And it is still to early to know for sure.

10-03-2011, 03:26 PM
Good post... Last week Sanders started dancing after a 1st down!

Keep the bs on Madden. They have nothing to be ****y about and it's not the Steeler way.

Just another thing to address