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10-02-2011, 11:59 PM
The vomit we call the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line continued their toxic-sucking against the Texans. We lost 17-10 but the scoreboard didn't really show how bad we weren't even in this thing. Tennessee (who's playing solid defense) is an upset week if we don't get our heads out of our ass!

Quick observation:


#1. Isaac Redman is breathing down Mendenhall's neck. The more and more I think about it, the more and more we need to use Mendenhall as a Reggie Bush type player.

Mendy just isn't a tackle to tackle runner. He's a perimeter guy who needs space to work with. He dances to much and looks for the homerun run at all times. Every time Redman is on the field, good things happen. Redman hits the hole hard and is bottom heavy, something that we need as far as gaining positive yardage. Redman should be getting double the carries Mendenhall is at this point.

#2. How many MORE weeks do we have to endure going with "the guy's we got" on this nauaseting offensive line?

It sickens and pains me to death that our head coach is so incredibly delusional that he actually believes his own fibbing into thinking the lineman (not named Pouncey) on this roster is the best we can do. Something needs to be done for this unit before our QB signs the IR documents. Neglecting this group is FINALLY catching up to us after ALL these years and it's finally starting to effect our quarterbacks trust in this team.

#3. Arians can't adjust worth a shit. This guy cannot make up his mind for the life of him & his offensive line sheet when he calls an offensive game must be of childrens artwork.

Seriously, we have absolutely no clue what's going on out there. He refuses to seek an identity with this offense, has no bail out options for Ben in obvious all out blitz situations and STILL runs his WR's 15 yards downfield knowing how sad of a state his offensive line is in.

I just want to know what we practice during the week because once we are out of our element, we go into a shell of "not knowing what the f*ck." Ben's going to have to start using the no huddle to change pace or retard Arians is going to get somebody killed.

#4. Moore needs to be on the field more often. Just like Redman, this man gives us nothing but positive yardage in key situations of the game. Get him more intune with this offense and use him in some packaged situations. Pulling the guards and backside tightends worked beautifully with Redman and Moore. Full back anyone? Don't worry, Arians doesn't believe in one! :banging:

#5. Same with Moore, Antonio Brown needs more touch's. He seems to be the only one on the field that has chemistry with Ben when he isn't going deep to Wallace. Brown shows great upside, awareness and speed to be a go to guy for Ben. Those back-shoulder comeback routes were beautiful and big plays in the game. Seems like every time this kid gets the pigskin in his hands, he does something with it.

#6. I heard the Steelers are going to replace the offensive line with cardboard cut-outs of fatheads. Sadly, that excites me.

#7. Why can't we get Ben on some bootlegs? Get him out of that suicide train-wreck that is our pocket.

We worked in that bootleg/roll-out very well in the pre-season against Philly, but it seemed to be working TOO well for Arians to bust it out. What a putz. We need to get Ben out of there somehow but it's already too late. That shit O-line already got his knee hurt and possibly his other foot broken.


#1. Whatever happened to stopping the run FIRST in LeBeau's schemes, forcing a team being one dimensional and then sicking our "stud" linebackers after the quarterback?

We all were scared to death of Shaub and that pass offense but the funny thing is, they gashed us on the ground! Just like what Balty did to us. Our defensive line needs fresh meat. We simply aren't plugging up any holes and our backers are forced into playing out of position.

#2. Linebacking core's overrated for the amount of money paid. LaMarr Woodley is constantly, time and time again out of position. Instead of collapsing down the weakside line on Foster's ridiculous touchdown run, he was way out of the picture, forcing Troy to make a tough play. I can't count how many times the Texans offensive line pushed our weaklings we call defensive lineman to one side, and Foster using the cutback for 7-8 yards a pop.

Farrior is as slow as my lawn mower and Foote doesn't do any better. Almost makes you wonder if Sylvestor can get some time. Was good to see Worlids get some needed pressure a couple times when Harrison was out. Seems like guys like Keenan Lewis is ready to step up as well.

#3. I think it's time to draft a 3rd, maybe 4th rounder on a FS next season. Clark's out of control play just isn't cutting it anymore. We need speed who can actually be physical in the open field. Clark is becoming a liability in our defensive backfield.

#4. Troy Polamalu is still an absolute beast of nature. It's good to see him healthy and ready to roll. He's all over the field. If only we had 11 Polamalu's out there at once. I know he doesn't like it, being a man of God and all, but the dude sure is a TASMANIAN DEVIL!

Overall, a total team failure today. Polamalu, Big Ben, Moore, Redman, Brown and Wallace seem like the only ones who come to play weekly. The rest look, wait for it, old and slow. Even Hines dropped a HUGE 3rd and 9, one that would of been a big play in the game.

Also, it's time for Tomlin to drop the "players coach" act and start getting more vocal with his team. We take unnecessary penalties time and time again in the red-zone and Mike Wallace was caught for taunting that killed momentum and field position.

GRADE: D-. We just aren't a good football team at the moment. Tennessee will be another nail biter next week.

10-03-2011, 02:34 AM
Clark Is becoming a liability? He has been, can't cover anybody..

Troy style is not near as effective on a bad defense...

Antonio Brown cannot run routes...when he does get the ball in his hands, he is exciting!

10-03-2011, 05:37 AM
Great observations. Arians is a fool, We ran the ball down the Texans throat in the 3rd, and after we went down by 7 again I thought here comes the run to tie the game, but not Brucey. It worked so onto something else and while we're at it lets get our QB hurt.
Our DC in waiting, Butler, is not doing a good job with these LB's. They seem constantly out of position. I also wonder about Sylvester and why he isn't in there. Could be he just isn't picking up the defense or his responsibilities in this D.
I'm not quite ready to give up on these guys and have seen some really bad teams in the last 40 years of being a fan but for just one season I would love to see this offense actually help the D and score more than 10-20 points a game.

10-03-2011, 10:46 AM
The ball that you said Hines dropped, was that the one that Ben threw high, and stretched him out? He got fricking drilled on that! You can't seriously expect him to hold on to that!

Buddha Bus
10-03-2011, 10:49 AM
The ball that you said Hines dropped, was that the one that Ben threw high, and stretched him out? He got fricking drilled on that! You can't seriously expect him to hold on to that!

Oh yes we can. That ball hit him right in the hands and he dropped it BEFORE getting hit. Watch the replays. I would have been more forgiving if the hit had knocked it loose, but that clearly wasn't the case. He needs to at least initially make that catch.

10-03-2011, 11:58 AM
The ball that you said Hines dropped, was that the one that Ben threw high, and stretched him out? He got fricking drilled on that! You can't seriously expect him to hold on to that!

Are you serious? The ball went right through his hands BEFORE he got drilled. Being drilled or not, Hines was dropping that ball. Ben made one helluva play too, escaping the pressure, extending the play & throwing across the field to hit Hines quite perfectly. That was a bad drop. One that could of won the game for us or atleast keep momentum going to conquer SOME points.

10-03-2011, 12:09 PM
Antonio Brown cannot run routes...when he does get the ball in his hands, he is exciting!

He may still be green in the route running area, but he ran a PERFECT flag route to the corner of the endzone. Ben missed him by just a hair. That would of been a big play before half besides the blocked FG/TD that was called back. DAMN yesterday sucked.

10-03-2011, 12:15 PM
All things considered, I think we still have some good things to look at.

Granted, the O-line is the biggest problem, but I liked what I saw from Redman and Moore today and even the play calling was better on many run plays.

I liked what I saw from Wallace and especially from Brown.

Ben was tough as usual but he got beat up pretty bad - especially towards the end.

All in all, I saw some things that we can build on and if we can just stay healthy on the O-line so that we can develop some consistency, I think we'll be OK.
That doesn't mean that we don't need some major renovations up front, but that can't be done until the offseason, so we just have to make the best of what we have now and I think that CAN be done if we can just keep the same guys in there together long enough to jell.

P.S., if Mendy's hammy is bad enough to keep him out for a while, I don't necessarily think that would be so bad.
I like Redman better anyway and I think that the rotation of Redman / Moore seems to work better than all Mendy.

We'll see...

10-03-2011, 01:25 PM
I smell a fire Arians thread........:toofunny:
In the words of the great Jim Mora.....we didnt do diddly poo! :thumbsup:

10-03-2011, 05:40 PM

10-03-2011, 05:59 PM
Honestly i dont understand why everyone is upset at the D, we held a potent off team to half their avg, and honestly if not for one major mistake by woodley we would have went into OT. Aside from the first drive and one bad play, we stuffed Houston with our Def. And honestly stopping the passing game over the running game seems a better fit as the NFL is moving to a more passing oriented league. It is what killed us i the SB afterall! If our OL or OC could figure out wtf they are doing together and our Off could score the 30+ pts/they should be we would be fine. Unfortunately our QB will be on IR soon. But for what its worth, all we really need for next season is a GOOD LT as Gilbert should be fine in a year, Fatass Kemo will do at guard, Pouncey is fine and an avg RG can be worked out of our crap pile of guys we have now.